The Core Repository currently consists of 3,800 sq ft of storage in Building 4106 and 6,300 sq ft of storage in Building 4108 on the Livingston Campus, a 2-mile easy drive from our main laboratory space on the Busch Campus. “The Cage” is a secured area within Building 4106 with 1,380 sq ft and racks for 4,120 core boxes (~ 33,000 ft of core) stored on stainless racks. This space currently holds cores from ODP Leg 174AX, ODP Leg 150X, Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure cores, New Jersey and Gulf coastal plain cores. The ~17,000 ft of ACE cores and the Newark Basin cores are stored in Building 4108. The repository contains complete sets of DSDP and IODP volumes, phone, Xerox, Internet-2 connection, and a complete sedimentology lab. We currently archive over 60,000 ft of cores from the Rift and Drift basins of the Atlantic margin that represent some of the best-documented continental scientific cores in the U.S. and serve as an ODP/IODP core repository for over 15,000 ft of Leg 174AX and 150X cores and the ICDP Cape Charles CBIS cores.

Layout and Core Splitting

Core splitter1

Core splitter and racks for short term holding of cores while they are being studied.


Core Description


  • Complete set DSDP/ODP volumes
  • Microscopes
  • Internet-2 connection
  • Adjacent to core description area with layout space for several hundred feet of core

Long-Term Core Storage on Livingston Campus

the cage 

“The Cage”: 1,380 ft2, with racks for 4,120 core boxes (~33,000 ft of core) stored on $36,000 of stainless racks

Space for 720 core boxes is still available (~6,000 ft new core; Leg 150X, Chesapeake)

Current holdings: 
Coastal Plain: Fort Mott, Millville, Sea Girt
ODP Leg 150x:
Island Beach, Atlantic City, Cape May

NJGWS cores: older New Jersey cores drilled by the NJGWS and the USGS 

  • Current holdings:
  • Freehold (85 boxes, 1320 ft)
  • Allaire (13 boxes, 311 ft)
  • ACGS#4 (54 boxes, 945 ft)
  • Belleplain (35 boxes, 335 ft)
  • Cape May Airport (28 boxes, 300 ft)
  • Clayton (71 boxes, 997 ft)
  • total 286 boxes, 4,208 ft

In addition there are split spoons and short cores taken by the NJGS from the coastal plain

Refrigerated Core Storage

Marine and other cores are stored in a refurbished 40-ft refrigerated van (including Kn166-14 site survey cores and multi- and gravity cores from cruise KNR177-2).



Newark Basin Coring Project (NBCP) Cores (21,877 ft)

Triassic and Jurassic cores from the Newark Basin are stored in newly renovated space in building 4108. 


ACE cores 

Army Core of Engineers (ACE) Passaic Mountain Tunnel cores: Jurassic Section of the Newark Basin: ~17,000 ft core