Recent Publications

Convergent Evolution of Agriculture in Bilaterian Animals: An Adaptive Landscape Perspective.

George R. McGhee (2022)

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Timing of emergence of modern rates of sea-level rise by 1863.

Jennifer S. Walker, Robert E. Kopp, Christopher M. Little, & Benjamin P. Horton (2022)

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A statistical framework for integrating nonparametric proxy distributions into geological reconstructions of relative sea level.

Erica L. Ashe, Nicole S. Khan, Lauren T. Toth, Andrea Dutton, and Robert E. Kopp (2022)

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Quantifying structural relationships of metal-binding sites suggests origins of biological electron transfer. Doi/10.1126/sciadv.abj3984

Yana Bromberg, Ariel A. Aptekmann, Yannick Mahlich, Linda Cook, Stefan Senn, Maximillian Miller, Vikas Nanda, Diego U. Ferreiro, Paul G. Falkowski (2022)

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Using Chlorophyll Fluorescence to Determine the Fate of Photons Absorbed by Phytoplankton in the World’s Oceans.

Maxim Y. Gorbunov and Paul G. Falkowski (2022)

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Refractory inclusions as Type IA chondrule precursors: Constraints from melting experiments.

Scott A. Whattam, Roger Hewins, Jieun Seo, and Bertrand Devouard (2022)

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Non-trivial role of internal climate feedback on interglacial temperature evolution.

Xu Zhang and Fahu Chen (2021)

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Cyclic evolution of phytoplankton forced by changes in tropical seasonality.

Luc Beaufort, Clara T. Bolton, Anta-Clarisse Sarà, Baptiste Sucheras-Marx, Yair Rosenthal, Yannick Donnadieu, Nicolas Barbarin, Samantha Bova, Pauline Cornuault, Yves Gally, Emmerline Gray, Jean-Charles Mazur, and Martin Tetard. (2021)

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The life cycle of large igneous provinces.

Benjamin A. Black, Leif Karlstrom, and Tamsin A. Mather

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