Undergraduate Research

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Research Opportunities


There are a variety of research opportunities Earth and Planetary Sciences students can take advantage of.  Check out the following programs or contact the Undergraduate Program Director for more information.


Honors and Independent Study Projects

Students wishing to complete Honors and/or Independent Study Projects must meet a minimum of requirements, obtain permission from the Undergraduate Program Director, and have a Faculty Advisor agree to supervise the project.  Check out the website below for more information on the requirements.


Sparks Undergraduate Research Award

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS) at Rutgers University would like to encourage undergraduate majors to get involved in cutting-edge research by participating in research projects with our faculty. EPS is accepting applications from eligible undergraduates for funding of up to $1,500 to offset the costs of this research during the spring and summer of 2022.

Applications are due by 5 pm EST on Friday February 11th, 2022. All materials should be emailed to the Undergraduate Program Director (UPD), Dr. Lauren Adamo (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) before the deadline.

To be considered for funding, the undergraduate student should submit a 1-2 page application with all of the requested information below.  Applications missing any of these items will not be considered.


Earth and Planetary Sciences Research Internship

To give all EPS students an opportunity to participate in research, the department offers a number of Research Internships students can apply to at the start of each semester.  These internships are meant to be an introduction to research and allow students to work on a set project under the mentorship of a faculty member.  After completing a research internship students may have the opportunity to continue the project or develop their own through an independent study.  Students can apply by contacting the faculty advisor directly.


Research Internship Projects


Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

There are many opportunities outside of Rutgers that students can apply to in the form of "Research Experiences for Undergraduates", or REUs.  These research programs are held at universities and research facilities around the country and are usually very competitive.  Reach out to your EPS faculty advisor or the Undergraduate Program Director if you have questions about or would like to apply to one of these programs.