Beverly ChiuName: Beverly Chiu

Major(s) and Minor: Geological Sciences major, biology minor

Year: 2015

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Why did you choose Geology as your major?

I chose to major in Geology because it’s such a broad and inter-disciplinary science that encompasses many interesting subjects!

What did you like most about it?

I thought the class field trips were so cool because they allowed us to go outside and apply what we were learning about in class. Also the small size of the department made for a nice, personal feel while at a huge university.

What is your current position, what do you, and what do you enjoy most about it?

I’m currently a geomicrobiology laboratory manager and research assistant. I enjoy the variety in my everyday duties working in a lab, and being in an environment where I am constantly learning.

What was your first job after Rutgers and how did you get it?

I went to graduate school right after Rutgers, and got my current position after graduating.

How did you move from that first job to your current position?

N/A – My current position is my first job.

Looking back, what classes or experiences at Rutgers would you point to as contributing to your successes?

I was really lucky to have amazing post-doc and graduate student mentors when I pursued undergraduate research. Those experiences were invaluable and helped me succeed in grad school.

What advice do you have for our current Arts and Sciences students?

Explore! Talk to your professors about their research and field work, and try to get involved with something that interests you.

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