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The Extinction of the Dinosaurs Recorded in New Jersey

The CAMPO sand pit is an active sand mine in Southern, New Jersey.  This location contains one of the most pristine outcrops of the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K/Pg) Boundary Event, or the boundary between the time of the dinosaurs and the time period we live in today.  The extinction layer can clearly be seen in the photographs as the thin layer that sticks slightly about halfway up the outcrop.  Sands from this location have and continue to be mined for a variety of uses.  Rutgers University scientists have received written permission from the property managers to enter this site and document the geology.  Access by the public is strictly forbidden.  

Campo Pit, NJ


Virtual Geology Field Trip

As part of the VirtualGeo Team's effort to make geoscience more assessable, they have throughly documented the site through videos, photography, sampling, outcrop measurement, and drone survey.  Check out the video below for a guided tour through the geology of the site.  Be sure to pause the video when you see images, videos, and other icons pop up on the screen.  These pop up icons should be viewed in order to guide students and virtual visitors through the stratigraphy of the sand layers found at the Campo Sand Pit.