Virtual GEO

Our Driving Principles 


VirtualGEO’s primary mission is to increase science engagement amongst the public and in K-12 and University settings, as well as promote equitable access to geoscience content at all educational levels. While fully achieving these goals is a monumental tasks, the VirtualGEO team addresses these challenges in 3 ways.


  • Conduct research in a variety of landscapes using modern imaging technology.
  • Focus on areas with little to no information from previous studies.
  • Involve graduate and undergraduate students in all aspects of the research process to train the next generation of scientists.
  • Recruit students and faculty to collaborate with from a diverse background.

Virtual Content

  • Digitize outcrops and hand samples from a wide range of field locations for broad distribution.
  • Provide free access to digital content for use in education and outreach.
  • Work with professors and teachers to determine new field targets for surveying and digitization to provide remote access to field sites.


  • Work with stakeholders to determine field sites for future study.
  • Develop plain language site reports for stakeholders, policy makers, property owners, etc. on the results of investigations.
  • Create and distribute lesson plans and activities for the public and K-12 education for free on the VirtualGEO website.
  • Work with the Rutgers Geology Museum to present key concepts at public events.