Name Year Degree Dissertation Title RefNum Advisor
Hess, Anya 2023 PhD Evolution of Ocean Oxygen Deficient Zones during the Miocene: Insights from and for the I/Ca Paleo-Oxygenation Proxy   Rosenthal
Verhagan, Christina 2023 PhD Characterizing magnetic signatures produced by impact cratering processes and post-impact hydrothermal alteration   Tikoo
Bourke, James 2023 PhD Seismological and Tectonic Structure of Southern Costa Rica   Schlische
Mattos, Caio 2023 PhD Hydrologic Controls on Ecosystem Structure and Function   Reinfelder
Joyse, Kristen 2022 PhD The Fidelity of Paleo-Storm Records and Their Implications for Future Flood Risk   Kopp
Hanafi, Bari 2021 PhD Rifting, Salt Tectonics, and Oblique Shortening: Insights from Seismic-Reflection Data and Scaled Experimental Models   Schlische
Schmelz, William J. 2021 PhD New Insights on the Evolution of the Mid Atlantic Continental Margin and its Utility for Carbon Sequestration through Sequence Stratigraphic, Statistical, and Forward Modeling Methods   Miller
Potkay, Aaron J. 2021 PhD Hydraulic Controls on the Productivity of Vegetation   Reinfelder
Liu, Winnie 2021 PhD Photogeochemistry of Minerals Under Anoxic Conditions   Falkowski
Chen, Xiaoran 2020 PhD Seismic Anisotropy and its Implications for the Formation and Evolution of Cratons   Levin
Setera, Jacob B. 2020 PhD Last Act of the Rustenburg Layered Suite, Bushveld Complex: From the Final Major Pulse of Magma to Modern Ambient Temperatures   VanTongeren
Johnson, Christopher 2019 PhD Late Pleistocene to Holocene Sea-Level Changes in New Jersey: Causes and Paleoenvironmental Implications   Miller
Sequeira Peraza, Cesar 2019 PhD   Withjack/Schlische
Makarova, Maria 2018 PhD Application of Multiproxy Tracers to Reconstruct Paleoenvironmental Perturbations on the Mid-Atlantic Margin across the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum   Miller
Si, Weimin 2018 PhD Evolution and Paleobiology of Cenozoic Planktonic Foraminifera and Coccolithophores   Aubry
Lombardi, Christopher 2017 PhD Sequence Stratigraphy of Mid-Cretaceous Strata from the Great Stone Dome to the Continental Slope, Northern Baltimore Canyon Trough: Implications to Sea-Level and Carbon Capture and Sequestration   Miller
Mortlock, Richard A. 2017 PhD   Wright
Abdul, Nicole A. 2017 PhD   Wright
Gavrilenko, Maxim 2016 PhD   Herzberg
Thornburg, Jesse D. 2016 PhD   Miller
Shokoohi Razi, Ayda 2016 PhD   Levin
Neitzke Adamo, Lauren 2016 PhD   Wright
Esmeray-Senlet, Selen 2015 PhD   Miller
Vidito, Christopher A. 2014 PhD   Herzberg
Wang, Huapei 2014 PhD Equatorial paleomagnetic direction and paleointensity studies on lava flows from Galapagos for the Pliocene-Pleistocene   Kent
Bitting, Kelsey S. 2013 PhD   Mountain
Bord, David 2013 PhD Microevolution in coccolithophores: Examples from the Paleocene - Eocene   Aubry
Mana, Sara 2013 PhD Magmatic evolution of the north Tanzanian divergence zone, east African rift system   Swisher
Mizintseva, Svetlana 2013 PhD Broken windows in the greenhouse: Testing Late Cretaceous glacioeustasy   Miller
Condie, Claire 2012 PhD The Use of Experimental Petrology to Generate an Impact Model for Formation of the Unique CBb Chondrules   Hewins
Ruiz Cubillo, Paulo 2012 PhD Reconstruction of the Paleo and Neo stages of Poas and Turrialba volcanoes, Costa Rica: Competing processes of growth and destruction   Carr
Schaller, Morgan 2012 PhD Large igneous provinces and Earth's carbon cycle: Lessons from the Late Triassic and rapidly emplaced Central Atlantic Magmatic Province   Kent
Kustu, Deniz 2011 PhD Large-scale water cycle perturbation due to irrigation in the US High Plains   Reinfelder
Nikulin, Alex 2011 PhD Sustaining volcanism in Central Kamchatka   Levin
Harris, Ashley 2010 PhD Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy of the Paleocene-Lowermost Eocene, New Jersey Coastal Plain: Implications for Eustatic and Paleoceanographic Change   Miller
Elmore, Aurora C. 2009 PhD Late Pleistocene Changes in Northern Component Water: Inferences from Geochemical and Sedimentological Records from Gardar Drift [ pdf PDF (6.16 MB) ] Wright
Gazel Dondi, Esteban 2009 PhD Interaction of the Galapagos plume with the southern Central American Volcanic Front   Carr
Henderson, Samuel S. 2009 PhD Tracking Deep-water Flow on Eirik Drift over the past 160 kyr: Linking Deep-water Changes to Freshwater Fluxes   Wright
Henza, Alissa 2009 PhD Influence of pre-existing fault fabrics on normal-fauilt development: An experimental study   Withjack
Lindsay, Fara 2009 PhD Geochemistry of lavas from southeastern Nicaragua and of mantle xenoliths from Cerro Mercedes, Costa Rica   Carr
Kulpecz, Andrew 2008 PhD Sequence Stratigraphy of the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain: An Evaluation of Eustasy, Sediment Supply Variations, and Passive Aggressive Tectonism   Miller
Monteverde, Donald H. 2008 PhD Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Early and Middle Miocene Shelf Progradation Along the New Jersey Margin   Miller
Saginor, Ian 2008 PhD Volcanic History of Western Nicaragua and Geochemical Evolution of the Central American Volcanic Front   Carr
Boesenberg, Joseph  2007 PhD Experimental Petrology of Meteorites: Phosphorus and Oxygen Isotopes in Olivine   pdf P83 (19.87 MB) Hewins
Mollel, Godwin 2007 PhD Petrochemistry and Geochronology of Ngorongoro Volcanic Highland Complex (NVHC) and its relationship to Laetoli and Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania  [ pdf PDF (3.88 MB) ] Swisher
Kahn, Alicia C. 2006 PhD Morphometric variability in extant coccolithophores: implications for the fossil record   Aubry
Baum, Mark S. 2006 PhD Controls on the Deformation Produced by Oblique Inversion of Rift Basins: Which Structures Reflect the Paleostrain State? P88 Schlische
Bolge, Louise L. 2005 PhD Constraining the Magmatic Sources of Hawaiian and Central American Volcanics P87 Carr
Liutkus, Cynthia M. 2005 PhD Paleclimate Reconstruction using Stable Isotopes of Freshwater Phreatic Carbonates P86 Wright
Serfes, Michael E, 2005 PhD Arsenic Occurrence, Sources, Mobilization, Transport and Prediction in the Major Bedrock Aquifers in the Newark Basin P85 Fan Reinfelder
McHenry, Lindsay J. 2004 PhD Characterization and Correlation of Altered Plio-Pleistocene Tephra Using a “Multiple Technique” Approach: Case Study at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania P84 Swisher
Johnson, Lois A. 2003 PhD The Partial Melting of a Forsterite -Albite Mixture Under Vacuum Observed in-Situ By High-Temperature X-Ray Diffractometry P82 Hewins
Cohen, Bosmat A. 2002 PhD Chondrule formation by open-system melting of nebular condensates   Hewins
Cramer, Benjamin S. 2002 PhD Milankovitch Cycles and Comet Catastrophes: Carbon Isotope Variations in the Late Paleocene-Early Eocene pdf P81 (11.79 MB) Miller
Fox, George E. 2002 PhD Chondrule Synthesis Using Fine-Grained Precursors P80 Hewins
Katz, Miriam E. 2001 PhD Uncorking the Bottle: Causes and Effects of the Latest Paleocene Methane Hydrate Release P79 Miller
Maguire, Timothy J. 2001 PhD Continuation of the Appalachian Piedmont Under the New Jersey Coastal Plain Investigated using Geophysical and Drilling Data   Sheridan
Stanford, Scott D. 2001 PhD Late Cenozoic Geomorphology and Surficial Geology of Central New Jersey P78 Ashley
Deocampo, Daniel M. 2001 PhD Geochemistry and Sedimentology of Modern East African Wetlands and a Pleistocene Paleo-Wetland at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania P77 Ashley
Maharaj, Susan V.  2000 PhD Chondrule and Calcium-Alminum-Rich Inclusion Formation: Possible Constraints from Experiments P76 Hewins
Clifton, Amy E. 2000 PhD Laboratory and Field Studies of Oblique Rifting pdf P75 (19.15 MB) Schlische 
Pekar, Stephen F. 1999 PhD A New Method for Extracting Water Depth, Realitive Sea-Level, and Eustatic Records From Onshore New Jersey Oligocene Sequence Stratigraphy P74 Miller
Malyk-Selivanova, Natalia  1998 PhD Determination of Geological Sources for Prehistoric Chert Artifacts, Northwestern Alaska pdf P73 (30.93 MB) Ashley
Ackermann, Rolf V. 1997 PhD Spatial Distribution of Rift-Related Fractures: Field Observations, Expiremental Modeling, and Influences on Drainage Networks pdf P72 (16.36 MB) Schlische 
Herman, Gregory C. 1997 PhD Structural Analyses of Exposed Pre-Cretaceous Bedrock Geology in the New Jersey Region pdf P71 (17.37 MB) Schlische 
Patino, Lina C. 1997 PhD Geochemical Charaterization of Central American Subduction Zone System: Slab Input, Output from the Volcanoes, and Slab-Mantle Interactions pdf P70 (22.77 MB) Feigenson
Browning, James V. 1996 PhD Eocene Sequences and Benthic Foraminiferal Biofaces on the New Jersey Coastal Plain: Implications for Global Sea-leval Change P69 Miller
Carey, John S. 1996 PhD Late Quaternary Sequence Stratigraphy of the New Jersey Continental Shelf pdf P68 (28.62 MB) Ashley/Sheridan
Connolly, Harold C.  1996 PhD The Complicated Nature of Chondrule Formation: An Experimental Investigation into the Melting and Precursor History of Chondrules P67 Hewins
Bemis, Karen G. 1995 PhD A Morphometric Study of Volcanoes in Guatemala, Iceland, the Snake River Plain, and the South Pacific pdf P66 (26.79 MB) Carr
Sandberg, Stewart  1995 PhD Simultaneous Modeling of Transient Electromagnetic and Resistivity/Induced Polarization Soundings to Improve Resolution in Hydrogeological Investigations P65 Sheridan
Buckley, Gregory F.  1994 PhD Paleontology, Geology, and Chronostratigraphy of Simpson Quarry (Early Paleoecene), Bear Formation, Crazy Mountain Basin, South-Central Montana P64 Flynn
Sugarman, Peter J. 1994 PhD Strontium Isotope and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Uppermost Campanian-Maestrictian and Miocene, New Jersey Coastal Plain P63 Miller
Liu, Chengjie 1993 PhD Uppermost Cretaceous-lower Paleocene Stratigraphy and Turnover of Planktonic Foraminifera Across the Cretaceous/Paleocene Boundary P62 Olsson
Li, Hongcheng 1991 PhD Cretaceous and Tertiary Seismic Stratigraphy of the Coastal Plain of Southern New Jersey P61 Sheridan
Muller, Frederick L., Jr. 1990 PhD The Paleoecology of the Liassic Benthic Foraminifera of Great Britain pdf P60 (5.45 MB) Olsson
Sikora, Paul J. 1989 PhD Albian to Turonian Paleoslope Model of Benthic Forminifera of the New Jersey Atlantic Margin and North Atlantic Basin pdf P59 (23.82 MB) Olsson
Starcher, Robert W. 1987 PhD A Constructional Morphological Analysis of the Fenestrate Colony Meshwork P58 McGhee
Zeff, Marjorie Lee 1987 PhD Tidal Channel Morphometry, Flow and Sedimentation in a Back-Barrier Salt-Marsh: Avalon/Stone Harbor, NJ pdf P57 (12.28 MB) Ashley
Melillo, Allan J. 1985 PhD Late Oligocene to Pliocene Sea-Level Cycle Events in the Baltimore Canyon Trough and Western North Atlantic Basin pdf P56 (17.90 MB) Olsson
Nyong, Eyo E. 1983 PhD A Paleoslope Model for Campanian to Lower Maestrichtian Foraminifera of the North American Basin and Continental Margin P55 Olsson
Schofield, Richard E. 1982 PhD Petrology of the Dundonald Komatiites, Dundonald, Ontario P54 Hewins
Walker, James A. 1982 PhD Volcanic Rocks from the Nejapa and Granada Cinder Cone Alignments, Nicaragua, Central America P53 Carr
Gorycki, Michael A. 1981 PhD Pyroxene Geothermometry of the Adirondack Lowlands pdf P52 (11.54 MB) Hewins
Martino, Ronald L. 1981 PhD The Sedimentology of the Late Tertiary Bridgeton and Pensauken Formations in Southern New Jersey P51  Ashley
Aurisano, Richard W. 1980 PhD Upper Cretaceous Subsurface Dinoflagellate Stratigraphy and Paleoecology of the Atlantic Coastal Plain of New Jersey P50 Olsson
Charletta, Anthony C. 1980 PhD Eocene Benthic Forminiferal Paleoecology and Paleobathymetry of the New Jersey Continental Margin pdf P49 (8.47 MB) Olsson
Nwaochei, Ben Nnaemeka 1980 PhD Geophysical Investigation of the Nicaraguan Rise pdf P48 (8.71 MB) Morgan/Olsson
Feldman, Howard R. 1978 PhD Brachiopods and Community Ecology of the Onondaga Limestone P47 Olsson
Raman, Swaminathan V. 1978 PhD Petrology and Geochemistry of Anorthosite and Associated Rocks, Honey Brook, Pennsylvania P46 Hewins
Holzer, Robert A. 1977 PhD Soil Analysis by Tristimulus Color and Statistical Evaluations for Forensic Purposes pdf P45 (6.90 MB) Murray
Kennish, Michael J. 1977 PhD Effects of Thermal Discharge on Mortality of Mercenaria mercenaria in Barnegat Bay, N.J. P44 Olsson 
Althoff, Penelope L. 1976 PhD Structural Refinements of Dolomite and a Magnesian Calcite pdf P43 (2.13 MB) Hamil
Koch, Robert C. 1975 PhD Dinoflagellate Biostratigraphy of Maestrichtian Formations of the New Jersey Coastal Plain P42 Olsson 
Mattis, Allen 1975 PhD Nonmarine Triassic Sedimentation, Central High Atlas Mountains, Morocco P41 Murray
Nemicks, Bronius 1975 PhD Geohydrologic Digital Computer Simulation Model of the Wenoah-Mount Laurel Aquifer System in the Coastal Plain of New Jersey P40 Wolfe/Smith
Petters, Sunday W. 1975 PhD Subsurface Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy and Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of the Atlantic Coastal Plain of New Jersey P39 Olsson 
Pollock, Stephan G. 1975 PhD Stratigraphy, Sedimentation and Basin Development of the Jacksonburg Limestone and Martinsburg Formation, Ordovician Northern New Jersey pdf P38 (4.74 MB) Murray
Rhett, Douglas W. 1975 PhD Phase Relationships and Petrogenetic Environment of Precambrian Granites of the New Jersey Highlands P37 Hamil
Walter, James C. 1975 PhD Origin and Paleoclimatic Significance of Fossil Periglacial Phenomena in Central and Northern New Jersey P36 Wolfe
Cunliffe, James 1974 PhD Description, Interpretation and Preservation of Growth Increment Patterns in Shells of Cenozoic Bivalves P35 Olsson 
Goldstein, Frederic 1974 PhD Paleoenvironmental Analysis of the Kirkwood Formation pdf P34 (6.80 MB) Olsson/Cousminer
Youssefinia, Iradj 1974 PhD Western North Atlantic Paleocene Benthonic Forminiferal Paleoecology P33 Olsson 
Bandoian, Charles A. 1974 PhD The Pliocene and Pleistocene Rocks of Bonaire, N.A. P32 Murray
Turner, Ronald F. 1973 PhD The Paleoecological and Paleobiogeographic Implications of the Maestrichtian Cheilostomata (Bryozoa) of the Navesink Formation P31 Fox/Olsson 
Houlik, Charles W. Jr. 1972 PhD Significance of Carbonate-Clastic Transitions in the Carboniferous of Western Wyoming pdf P30 (5.66 MB) Murray
Krall, Donald B. 1972 PhD Till Stratigraphy and Olean Ice Retreat in East Central New York P29 Wolfe
Maxey, Lawrence R. 1971 PhD Metamorphism and Origin of Precambrian Amphibolites of New Jersey P28 Smith
Hirsch, Alfred M. 1971 PhD Biostratigraphy of the Mancos Shale in Western New Mexico and Western and Central Colorado pdf P27 (13.78 MB) Fox
El-Khayal, Abd 1969 PhD Planktonic and larger Foraminferal Biostratigraphy of the Uppermost Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Formations of Eastern and Northwestern Saudi Arabia P26 Olsson 
Enright, Richard, Jr. 1969 PhD The Stratigraphy, Micropaleontology and Paleoenvironmental Analysis of the Eocene Sediments of the New Jersey Coastal Plain P25 Olsson 
Chapman, Diana F. 1968 PhD Petrology, Structure and Metamorphism of a Concordant Granodiorite Gneiss in the Grenville Province of Southeastern Ontario pdf P24 (12.20 MB) Vogel/Smith 
Johnson, Eben L. 1968 PhD Precambrian Geology of Parts of Passiac County and Sussex County, New Jersey and Infrared Absorption Studies of Biotite P23 Smith
Spence, William H. 1968 PhD Relict Plagioclase Phenocrysts from Metavolcanic Rocks Mantling a Granite Dome and the Petrology of the Associated Rocks in the Grenville Province on Southeastern Ontario pdf P22 (8.85 MB) Vogel/Smith
Goodspeed, Robert 1967 PhD An Investigation of the Coexisting Feldspar from the Precambrian Plutonic Rocks in the Wanaque Area, New Jersey P21 Vogel
Savage, E. Lynn 1967 PhD The Triassic Sediments of Rockland County, New York P20 Johnson
Spink, Walter J. 1967 PhD Stratigraphy and Structure of the Paleozoic Rocks of Northwestern New Jersey P19 Johnson
Bowman, James F. II 1966 PhD Petrology of the Pensauken Formation P18 Martens
Davids, Robert N. 1966 PhD A Paleoecologic and Paleo-Biogeographic Study of Maastrichtian Planktonic Foraminifera P17 Olsson 
Isphording, Wayne C. 1966 PhD Petrology and Stratigraphy of the Kirkwood Formation P16 Martens
De Ratmiroff, Gregor 1964 PhD Origin and Metamorphism of the Major Paragneiss of the Precambrian Imataca Complex: Upata Quadrangle, State of Bolivar, Venezuela P15 Smith
Manspeizer, Warren 1963 PhD A Study of the Stratigraphy, Paleontology, Petrology and Geologic History of the Canadaway and Conneaut Groups in Allegany County, New York P14 Johnson
Rajagopalan, Natesayyar 1963 PhD Stratigraphy, Micropaleontology and Paleontology of the Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Formations of Pondicherry, South India pdf P13 (22.52 MB) Olsson
Drobnyk, John W. 1962 PhD Sedimentation and Environments of the Aquia Formation P12 Fox/Olsson
Macomber, Bruce E. 1962 PhD Geology of the Cuale Mining District, Jalisco, Mexico P11 Smith
Nogan, Donald S. 1962 PhD Micropaleontology, Stratigraphy and Paleoecology of the Aquia Formation of Maryland and Virginia P10 Fox
Adams, John K. 1959 PhD Enviromental Studies of the Lower Tertiary Formations in New Jersey P9 Martens
Page, Richard A. 1959 PhD Micropaleontology and Stratigraphy of the Brightseat Formation P8 Fox
Pryor, Wayne A. 1959 PhD Cretaceous Geology and Petrology of the Upper Mississippi Embayment P7 Martens
Lynd, Langtry E. 1957 PhD A Study of the Mechanism of Alteration of Ilmenite P6  
Thomson, Alan F. 1957 PhD Petrology of the Silurian Quartzites and Conglomerates in New Jersey P5 Martens
Nichols, Paul H. 1956 PhD The Stratigraphy of the Trinity Group in Southeastern Oklahoma, Southwestern Arkansas and Northeastern Texas P4 Johnson
Sturm, Edward 1956 PhD Mineralogy and Petrology of the Newark Group Sediments of New Jersey P3 Martens
Nine, Ogden W., Jr. 1954 PhD A Microfauna from the Upper Cretaceous Navesink Formation in New Jersey Sci & Med. Fox
Donohue, John J. 1951 PhD Littoral Sediments of Maine P2 Martens
Light, Mitchell A. 1950 PhD Glauconite of the New Jersey Coastal Plain P1 Martens
Greacen, Katherine Fielding 1938 PhD
A Bryozoan Fauna as a Criterion for the Correlation of the Vincentown Formation with Descriptions of some New Species of Bryozoa
Sci & Med.  Johnson