Research Interest Statement

I am interested in expanding current knowledge on fundamentals of hydrogeology and hydrologic processes so as to facility better decision-making in the remediation and policy realms.

Industry Experience

2016-Present – Geosyntec Consultants, Geologist

Teaching Experience

2014-2015 - Texas Tech University, Teaching Assistant

  • Mineralogy and Petrology
  • Intro to Geology

Research Experience

2016-2017 – Lafayette College, Research Assistant

  • Paleobiology Laboratory

2015-2016 – Texas Tech University, Research Assistant

  • TTU LA-ICP-MS Laboratory

 2013 - Lafayette College, Research Assistant

  • Paleobiology Laboratory

2012 – Northern Arizona University, Research Assistant

  • Biology Department


Callum J. Hetherington, Georgene Anne Mailloux, Brent V. Miller, 2021, A multi-mineral U-(Th)-Pb dating study of the Stetind pegmatite of the Tysfjord region, Norway and implications for production of NYF-rare element pegmatites during orogenic collapse, Lithos 398-399(2):106257 

David A. Grimaldi, David Sunderlin, Georgene A. Mailloux (nee Aaroe), et al. 2018, Biological Inclusions in Amber from the Paleogene Chickaloon Formation of Alaska, American Museum Novitates