More Holes Made in the Name of Science!

MAP Rig Jeff2016 August 22 to 26, we completed coring for the Medford Auger Project. In all we cored 10 holes at six sites, targeting the PETM in the Marlboro Formation. 359 ft of section were successfully cored with excellent recovery (328.65 ft; 91.5% recovery). We had an overall recovery ofMAP JN Ken 72.6 ft of Marlboro Formation. Site 6 stands out with the thickest Marlboro Formation (10.5 ft) that was double cored. Seven students worked the sites, with the study of these cores constituting part of Luca Podrecca’s Master’s thesis. Study onsite provided an excellent introduction to the geology of the coastal plain for 3 incoming students (Alexandra Adams, Luca Podrecca, and Mark Yu).