Time – geography matrix showing relationships among climate-sensitive lithologies, geologic age (vertical axis), present-day latitude of rift basins (top axis), and paleolatitude (diagonal blue lines) based on paleomagnetic inclination. Correlations are based on magneto-stratigraphy (not shown). Humid facies (e.g., coals) accumulated near the paleoequator ~225-230 Ma. Arid faces (e.g., evaporites) accumulated in arid subtropics ~205-195 Ma. Note that the basal deposit in each basin is fluvial, the initial part of the tripartite stratigraphy discussed earlier. Modified from Olsen & Et Touhami (2008) based on Olsen & Kent (2000), Kent & Olsen (2000), Withjack et al. (2022).

Time – geography matrix