Geology of the Newark Rift Basin

Ukrainian Correlation

Basin-wide correlation of Ukrainian black-shale bed

 Basin-wide correlation of Ukrainian black-shale bed. The inset map shows the location of the Ukrainian Member and the numbered stratigraphic sections. The colors correspond approximately to the colors of the rocks. The black vertical bars represent normally magnetized rock; the white vertical bars represent reversely magnetized rock. Note that the thickness of the rocks between the base of the black shale and the magnetic-reversal boundary varies throughout the basin. This interval in sections 4, 5, and 6 is thicker than in sections 1, 2, and 3, because the former sections are located closer to the center of the basin. The interval in sections 7 and 8 is similar in thickness to that in sections 4-6, despite being at the lateral edge of the basin; however, sections 7 and 8 are located much closer to the border fault system. The variations in thickness of the interval in sections 4-6 may be related to folding in the hanging wall of the Flemington fault, with 5 close to the hinge of an anticline. Modified from Olsen et al. (1996a). 

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