Geology of the Newark Rift Basin

Perkasie Correlation

Basin-wide correlation of the Perkasie Member. a) The inset map shows the location of the Perkasie Member of the Passaic Formation in the Newark basin and the locations of the stratigraphic sections. Correlative units thicken from the northeastern lateral edge of the basin (sections 1 and 2) toward the center of the basin (section 3); from the southwestern end of the basin (sections 8 and 7) toward the center of the basin (section 5); and from the hinged margin of the basin (section 3) toward the border-fault system (section 5 and 6). The coarsest sediments are present in sections 5 and 6, which are located nearest to the border-fault system. Section 8, near the lateral edge of the basin, is coarser than section 7. b) Highly vertically exaggerated cross section of correlative sections of the Perkasie Member from the Rutgers drill site to Milford, NJ. With a vertical exaggeration of 100 to 1, the line of correlation in red has a true slope of less than 0.1°. Thus, relief in the basin was very small during deposition of the Passaic Formation. Modified from Olsen et al. (1996a) and Withjack et al. (2013).

Basin-wide correlation of the Perkasie Member

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