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Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

In addition to the core courses listed below, students are encouraged to take additional courses in geology, mathematics, computer science, statistics, and the physical and biological sciences. Students planning professional careers in geology-including graduate study-should take at least two additional courses in mathematics beyond the requirements listed below and would benefit from a minor in mathematics, physics, chemistry, or biology. A faculty adviser-assigned by the departmental office at the time the student declares the major-recommends elective courses that best suit the student's career options.

Foundation Courses

  • 01:160:161-162 General Chemistry (4,4)
  • 01:160:171 Introduction to Experimentation (1)
  • 01:460:101 Introductory Geology: Physical (3)
  • 01:460:103 Introductory Geology Laboratory (1)
  • 01:460:102 Introductory Geology: Historical (3)
  • 01:640:CALC1-CALC2 Calculus (4,4)
  • 01:750:203-204 General Physics (3,3)
  • 01:750:205-206 General Physics Laboratory (1,1)

Geology Core Courses

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