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Distinguished Professor

Paul Falkowski

Awarded the Tyler Prize

for Environmental Achievement

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Alissa Henza received a travel grant for £400 (~$800) to attend the Fault Zones conference at the Geological Society of London in September.

  • Congratulations to Mike Durcanin and Martha Withjack who arranged donation of a major piece of software (~500 k$) from Schlumberger. Schlumberger's Petrel exploration software allows for the integration of geophysics, geology, and reservoir engineering - in the same earth model. The Petrel seismic interpretation module combines the rigor of interpreting in 2D with the visual and performance benefits that only 3D volume interpretation can provide. The software provides a unique interpretation environment unified with geology, reservoir modeling, and reservoir engineering domains, giving the ability for rapid 2D & 3D seismic interpretation and visualization from large scale regional exploration and facies modeling to small scale fracture modeling and fault analysis.
  • The Rutgers Board of Governors has promoted Carl Swisher to Professor I.

  • Svetlana Mizintseva received an ED PICOU Fellowship Grant:
    On behalf of the GCSSEPM Foundation and trustees, I am pleased to let you know that you have been awarded a fellowship grant to the amount of $5000.00. This is the first time we have awarded above our stated amount and it is because we believe in your ability and the importance of the project. We wanted to insure that you had adequate travel and field work money. We are pleased to support your work.

  • George McGhee was elected a member of the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research, Altenberg, Austria, by vote of the General Assembly of the KLI .

  • Dr. Vadim Levin has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences of SAS

  • Alex Nikulin received, for the second time, 2 months worth of support from an NSF-funded study and research program administered by the University of Alaska. He will spend his summer learning, and then applying, seismological methods of study active volcanoes (St. Helens in Washington State, Bezymyanny in Kamchatka). Alex will combine his work in the framework of this program with his own research, supported by an RU Graduate School travel grant. This work is in collaboration with the Russian Academy of Sciences branch in Kamchatka. In early June, Alex will travel to Portland to attend a workshop of the IRIS consortium - a seismological meeting of small size and large impact. The workshop organizers offered him $500 to offset the costs.

  • GSA just announced that Mike Durcanin, Aurora Elmore, Ashley Harris, and Sam Henderson were all awarded GSA research grants! It's a sweep!

  • Kudos to Alex Nikulin who received a GSNB Pre-Dissertation award to travel to the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology in Petropavlovk-Kamchatsky, Russia, this summer to work with some "classified data" from long-running seismic stations. The goal of the project is to constrain the position and orientation of the subducting Pacific plate beneath the Kamchatka Peninsula using receiver function analysis of seismic data.

  • The National Geographic Society just funded Marie Aubry, Bill Berggren and Christian Dupuis (and a host out of Ben Huur) for another round of geoarcheological studies in Egypt. 3 year study - one year funding at a time! Going back down dem tombs!

  • Morgan Schaller was selected by the Hydrology section of the American Geophysical Union to receive an Outstanding Student Paper Award for his presentation at the 2007 Fall Meeting in San Francisco, California. Morgan's presentation (Is regional groundwater flow a significant component of the water budget in a river basin?) was recognized as among the best of a strong group of student presenters, setting an example for fellow students and the entire AGU membership.

  • Congratulations to Jim Browning who was promoted to Assistant Research Professor (from Research Associate).

  • Kudos to Yair Rosenthal for news that PRF will fund his proposal "Assessing the Potential of B/Ca in Planktonic Foraminifera as a Proxy of Seawater pH: a Sediment Trap Calibration."

  • Rob Sherrell was awarded a grant entitled "A coral skeleton P/Ca proxy for surface ocean phosphate: testing and calibration" by the NSF Chemical Oceanography and Marine Geology and Geophysics Programs.

  • Ken Miller and Dennis Kent were awarded a three year grant entitled "Archiving and Advancing Core Curation and Database Management of ODP Legs 150X and 174AX cores: The Rutgers U.S. Atlantic Margin Core Repository" from the NSF Marine Geology and Geophysics Program.

  • Ken Miller, Jim Browning, Dick Olsson, and Pete Sugarman were awarded a two year grant entitled "Drilling the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary in NJ: Testing the relationship of geochemical anomalies to event beds" from the NSF Sedimentary Geology Program.

  • George McGhee was chosen to be one of 18 invitees to the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, for an all-expenses-paid workshop (10-15 March 2008) on the concept of "Symmetry as a Modern Scientific Concept: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives." This invitation is a direct result of the publication of his latest book, The Geometry of Evolution.

  • Keith Sproul was the second person in history to fly a hot air balloon into Meteor Crater, in Arizona. He was the first one to land a balloon at the bottom of the crater.

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