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Distinguished Professor

Paul Falkowski

Awarded the Tyler Prize

for Environmental Achievement

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Multiple congratulations are in accord to Ying Fan Reinfelder.

1) Ying has received an NSF grant, funded jointly under ATM-Climate and Large-Scale Dynamics, and EAR-Hydrologic Sciences, entitled “Collaborative Research: The Amazon Groundwater and Its Impact on Evapotranspiration and the Climate of South America”. Ying's share is ~ $330k, part of which will fund a Ph.D. student for 3 years. The grant is in collaboration with Francina Dominguez in University of Arizona

2) Ying Fan Reinfelder has also received an NSF grant under the foundation-wide program “Decadal and Regional Climate Prediction Using Earth System Models (EaSM)”. This proposal was led by Enrique Curchitser at IMCS, with 4 Co-PIs (Cisco Werner, then IMCS director, Nina Fefferman – Math, Frank Felder – Bloustein School, and Ying Fan Reinfelder – Earth & Planetary Sciences). The final revised budget is $2,314,487 over the next 3 years. Ying was funded a 3 year postdoc for working on land hydrology modeling.

3) Ying Fan Reinfelder has been elected for a 3-year term to the Board of Directors of CUAHSI (Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Sciences, Inc.) ...entirely funded by NSF as the community leadership and resource center (see

  • Kudos to Brent Turrin who spearheaded othe Noble Gas lab's collaborative effort on a NSF proposal to improve intercalibration amongst 40Ar/39Ar laboratories. The proposal "Collaborative Research: Development of 40Ar/39Ar Intercalibration Pipettes" was submitted by Rutgers, LDEO, Arizona and Berkeley. Thanks to Brent's effort who headed up the collaborative effort, the proposal was successful and is to be co-funded by NSF IF & OCE. According to the NSF IF program manager, "this proposal was ranked very highly by the EAR/IF panel and was the only one with a perfect score of 5.0. Well done!". Of the $402k awarded, $285k comes to Rutgers ! The proposal also provides funds for several other US noble gas labs to measure gases supplied by this project on their systems for further intercalibration purposes.

  • Congratulations to Brent Turrin who has been asked by Igor Villa to construct an extraction line for his new lab in Italy. Igor is moving this year from Switzerland. Brent will bring in a couple of months of salary, some student help money and some spare change for the lab (not to mention a free trip to Italy for installation !). This request is good recognition of our labs extraction line that we designed and built here at Rutgers. The added support gets Brent off of teaching for awhile.

  • George McGhee has been invited to be one of five keynote speakers at an international conference on Mass Extinctions:Causes and Effects to be held in London, England, in early 2012. Each of the keynote speakers will address one of the "Big Five" mass extinctions. George will be speaking on the Late Devonian biodiversity crisis. As a key note speaker, George will have all of his expenses covered (meeting with the Queen is extra!).

  • Congratulations to Paul Falkowski who has been selected recipient of the Albert 1st of Monaco Commemorative Medal. Paul will receive the medal in Paris and participate in the centennial anniversary of the Institut Oceanographique. Previous awardees include Jacques Cousteau, Ramon Margalef, Victor Smetacek, and Carl Wunsch.

  • Congratulations to Paul Falkowski, Oscar Schofield, Rob Sherrell and Yair Rosenthal who have been awarded $1.88 million from NSF to study ocean acidification effects on scleratinian corals. More to come on this...
  • Congratulations to Paul Falkowski who has been elected ECI Prize Winner for 2010 by the International Ecology Institute ( under the chairmanship of Prof. Victor Smetacek. The Prize Awarding Ceremony is to be held this August in Oldendorf, Germany. The ECI Prize is awarded to an ecologist distinguished by outstanding and sustained scientific achievements. The prize both honors the recipient and requires him or her to serve science and society by authoring a book taking into account theECI's aims. The book is published in the series 'Excellence in Ecology' (EE) and made available worldwide on a non-profit basis.

  • Congratulations to Zulfitriadi who presented and successfully defended his MS thesis (Monday, October 25th) on The Mesozoic Orpheus Rift Basin, Offshore Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, Canada: Synrift and Early Postrift Evolution of a Well-imaged North Atlantic Rift Basin. Zul is heading off to Houston and back to Indonesia to work with ExxonMobil. Congrats Zul, job well done !

  • Congratulations to Poorna Srinivasan who received a research award from the Aresty Research Center for Undergraduates (ARC) in support of her undergraduate research project "Iron metal in the Howardites of 4 Vesta." Poorna is working on the project with Jerry Delaney.

  • Congratulations to grad student Linda Martin who was awarded a scholarship from the American Geological Institute Minority Participation Program (AGI MPP) for the 2010-2011 academic year. The MPP Advisory Committee has awarded Linda with a scholarship of $1200 and a professional development award of $550 to attend field camp and a regional GSA meeting, and for memberships in AWG, PS and SEPM.

  • Congratulations to Dennis Sanchez who presented and successfully defend his MS thesis Neogene History of the Carapita Formation, Eastern Venezuela Basin (Wednesday, September 15). Congratulations Dennis, job well done!

  • Exxon-Mobil interviewed EPS graduate student Monday, September 13th. Dave Olgaard and Spyros Lazaratos gave an overview of Exxon Mobil, possibilities in hiring and carreres with the company. Pizza lunch was served.

  • Congratulations to Hendra Wahyudi who on Friday, Sepetember 10th, presented and sucessfully defended his M.S. thesis "Lithofacies and depositional environments spanning the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary on the New Jersey Coastal Plain". Congratulations Hendra, job well done!

  • Congratulations to EPS undergraduate student Karesse Lockard, who has been awarded the 2010 GSA Northeastern Section's Subaru Minority Scholarship for $1500. Karesse will also receive a complimentary GSA membership for 2011 and complimentary registration to attend the 2010 GSA Annual Meeting. All Subaru Minority Scholarship awardees will be recognized at the Student Research Grant Awards Ceremony to be held at the GSA Annual Meeting Monday, 1 November, from 4-5 PM. Congratulations Karesse!

  • On August 17 - 19th, Rutgers hosted a special Exxon-Mobil Workshop on Biostratigraphic Micropaleontology. Special presentations on various aspects of biostratigraphy, isotope stratigraphy and chronostratgraphy were made by EPS' M.-P. Aubry, R.K. Olsson, W.A. Berggren, J.D. Wright K.G. Miller, D. Bord and colleagues M. Katz, P. McLaughlin, D. Mosher and K. Johnson.. For more information of presentations, pdf click here.

- On Friday the 13th of August, EPS' 40' reefer unit was lifted onto its new home behind Rutgers Geological Core Repository building at 4106 Livingston.

- I sure hope that's not Jim Wright's mini-van under there !

  • Congratulations to Deniz Kustu who on Friday (July 9th) presented and successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation entitled "Large-Scale Water Cycle Perturbation due to Irrigation Pumping in the US High Plains" (Advisor, Ying Fan Reinfelder). Congratulations Deniz, job well-done!

  • Congratulations to Huapei Wang who yesterday (Tuesday, June 22nd) presented and successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation proposal entitled "Mean geomagnetic paleointensities for the last 5 myr obtained from equatorial regions using various techniques". Huapei has now fullfilled all requirements to advance to candidacy. Congratulations Huapei...job well done!

  • Congratulations to Selen Esmeray who has been awarded a $4000 tuition waiver for the USC Wrigley Institute GeoBiology Course this June 20 – July 20, 2010, sponsored by Agouron Institute, NASA Astrobiology Institute, National Science Foundation, and Colorado School of Mines. As previously announced, Selen also received a GSNB Special Study Award of $500 for her participation / travel.

  • Congratulations to Catherine Beck who has been awarded a $1000 grant from the National Lacustrine Core Repository (LacCore) to work on sediment cores from Lake Turkana, Kenya.

  • Congratulations to Ken Miller who has been elected to a 3-year term on Rutgers Graduate School New Brunswick Executive Council.

  • Congratulations to Emily Beverly who has received a $1500 Research Award from the "Evolving Earth Foundation" for her study "Using lake margin sediments for the paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental reconstruction of a hominin-rich early Pleistocene time-slice: Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania".

  • Congratulations to Catherine Beck who has been awarded a GSNB Pre-dissertation Research Award of $2,000.00 for her study "Tracking the Impact of Climatic Cycles on Sediment Dynamics in Lake Turkana, Kenya".

  • Congratulations to Selen Esmeray who has been awarded a GSNB Special Study Award of $500 for her to participate in the USC Wrigley Institute GeoBiology Course, June 20 – July 20, 2010, sponsored by Agouron Institute, NASA Astrobiology Institute, National Science Foundation, and Colorado School of Mines.

  • Congratulations to Morgan Schaller who has received a GSNB Special Study Award of $1,650 for him to participate in "Stable Isotopes in Ecology" at the University of Utah, Jun 14th -25th, 2010.

  • Congratulations to Emily Poorvin who presented and successfully defended her MS thesis "Scaled Experimental Models of Gravitational Collapse: Analysis of Structures Formed During Creation and Retreat of Erosional Scarps". Emily will be crossing a few t's and dotting a few i's this next week and will soon be off to Houston where she has accepted a job with Hess Petroleum Corp. (March 29th, 2010) Congratulations Emily, job well done!

  • The annual Rutgers Geology Museum Open House was held on Saturday, January 30, 2010, 9AM to 4PM, in Scott Hall, Old Queens Campus, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Special presentations were on The Scarlet Knights Trans-Atlantic Challenge by Dr. Josh Kohut (IMCS, Rutgers), Paleoclimatic Framework of Human Evolution by Dr. Gail Ashley (EPS, Rutgers), Madagascar's Buried Treasure: Dinosaur and Other Vertebrate Fossils by Dr. David Krause (Stonybrook), and Earthquake Detection for the Citizen Seismologist by Dr. Ian Saginor (Keystone College). MIneral sales, rock and mineral identification, hands on activities were also on hand. The Open house was a huge success, we estiate over 1500 attended... pdf click here for more information.
  • Congratulations to Catherine Beck, who was just awarded a full-ride scholarship to attend the ICDP Training Course in Windischeschenbach this April, 2010. Cat will be training to participate in the African Drilling Project work in West Turkana in 2011.

  • Check out the new paper by Dennis Kent and colleagues on "Potential on-shore and off-shore reservoirs for CO2 sequestration in Central Atlantic magmatic province basalts" (Goldberg, D.S., Kent, D.V., and Olsen, P.E., 2010,Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Heres' a link to a short related news article in NGS that's posted via Rutgers Today Giant Carbon "Vault" Proposed Near New York City (National Geographic News, January 4, 2010). Go to NGS...

  • Congratulations to Yair Rosenthal who has been awarded $245,000 for Collaborative Research: High-resolution paleoceanography in the heart of the Equatorial Pacific Cold Tongue (part of a $750,000 NSF-P2C award).

  • Congratulations to Ken Miller, Greg Mountain, Ying Fan Reinfelder and Jim Browning, who have been awarded $169,000 from DOE/Battelle/NJGS for Carbon Sequestration on the New Jersey slope, shelf, and coastal plain. ...from Ken..."this grant funds phase 1 characterization of the New Jersey for carbon sequestration and is collaborative with Pete Sugarman and Don Monteverde of the NJGS".

  • Luck held out for this years EPS Student Award Picnic. After a cold rain, the sun came out on Thursday, May 13th, to provide a beautiful day for the large turnout of students, faculty, staff and friends. Food and drink were provided by the department and a number of academic awards were presented to undergraduate and graduate students majoring in geological sciences. Congratulations to all award recipients. We thank all alumni and friends for their generous contributions that make these awards posssible.Click here to see the list of student awards and recipients for 2010.
  • Congratulations to Ken Miller, Jim Browning and Pete Sugarman who have been awarded $45,000 by the Consortium for Ocean Leadership for Sr-isotope and siliceous microfossil chronology and semi-quantitative lithologic studies, Exp. 313. Funds will be used to help process and analyze 2000 samples in Mark Feigenson's TIMS lab.

  • Congratulations to Nathan Yee, who has just been awarded a Rutger's "Board of Trustees Research Fellowship for Scholarly Excellence, as one of the university's most distinguished young faculty members". In his letter to Nathan, President McCormick states "this award is bestowed in recognition of your outstanding scholarly accomplishments in your years here at Rutgers, as documented in the evaluation that has led to your recent promotion to Associate Professor." Congratulations from all us here in EPS !

  • Congratulations to Paul Falkowski, who has been elected to the governing council of the National Academy of Sciences. This is a 3-year term. Paul's nomination and election to the governing council is quite a nice honor for Paul, being recognized for his contribution to science and NAS. NAS is governed by the 17-member Council, which includes five officers (president, vice president, home secretary, foreign secretary, and treasurer) and 12 Councilors elected from among the Academy membership.

  • Congratulations to Esteban Gazel Donde, our recent Ph.D. student, now a post-doc at LDEO, who just was awarded the Premio Nacional de Ciencia "Clodomiro Picado Twight" Award for 2009. The "Clodomiro Picado Twight" award is the National Award of Science in Costa Rica, and was awarded to Esteban for his work on the “The geochemical footprint of the Galapagos hotspot in southern Central America”. The panel decided to grant this distinction to Dr Esteban Gazel Donde for his contributions to the geochemistry and geology of Costa Rica. His investigations have been published in international journals of high prestige, such as Nature, among others. Congrats Esteban !

  • Congratulations to Dennis Kent, who has been selected recipient of the 2009 Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism Section's William Gilbert Award. The President of the Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism Section of AGU writes that this award "... acknowledges your [Dennis Kent's] many contributions to the GP community and to our science. As a section, we owe you a great deal for elevating and promoting our discipline within geosciences, and we are pleased to honor you as a celebrated and active member of the GP community". The award will be presented at the GP reception and business meeting of the Fall AGU meeting in San Francisco. For more information go to AGU Awards.

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