EPSIL Research Overview

EPSIL Research

The Earth and Planetary Science Isotope Laboratory (EPSIL) is part of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Rutgers University, located in the Wright-Rieman labs on Busch Campus. The new laboratory is currently being constructed and is expected to being its operation in the Fall 2022.

The purpose of EPSIL is to explore the origins of the Solar System and Earth through sample-based science. This is pursued through the analysis of meteorites and terrestrial samples using high precision analytical techniques where we resolve compositional variations in the sixth to seventh decimal place! We interpret these cutting edge data in the context of astrophysical models, astronomical observations, and terrestrial planet mantle models to generate meaningful constraints on our origins that are relevant to the broader Planetary Science community.

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Solar System Formation

Find below a link to an overview of the main stages of Solar System Formation. This website was designed by members of the Fall 2020 Structure and Formation of the Terrestrial Planets class taught by Professor Katherine Bermingham and Vadim Levin

SFTP Website Link

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