Graduate Students

Madera, Alissa

 I am a third year PhD student studying under Dr. Juliane Gross. My primary research focuses onPicture of the NearSide of the Moon the petrology and geochemistry of lunar samples, in particular those of basaltic and feldpspathic lithologies, in order to better understand lunar geologic evolution. My methods include EPMA and LA-ICP-MS analyse as well as the development of a program that connects small-scale lunar sample science with large-scale remote sensing datasets in order to constrain sample provenance (Madera and Gross 2021). I am a LPI Exploration Science Summer Intern (ESSI) alumni (2021-program), where I worked under Dr. David Kring, staff LPI scientist, to model lunar south pole geologic evolution in preparations for the upcoming crewed NASA Artemis missions. 


Research Interests: Lunar geologic evolution, petrology, geochemistry, lunar sample science (returned and meteoritic)