Graduate Students

Benaroya, Sophie

Masters Student

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office: Room 202A, Wright-Rieman Labs



Research Interests: Planetary Science, Meteoritics, Petrology, Mars 



Rutgers University, BSc. Geological Science (2020) 

Rutgers University, MS. Earth and Planetary Science (anticipated 2022)


Thesis: Thermal and Crystallization History of Olivine-Gabbroic Shergottite Northwest Africa (NWA) 13227

Advisor: Juliane Gross

Committee Members: Katherine Bermingham (Rutgers University EPS) & Lujendra Ojha (Rutgers University EPS)



1. Benaroya, S., Gross, J., Burger, P.V., Eckley, S., (2021), Crystallization History Of Martian Meteorite Northwest Africa 13227: A New Olivine Gabbroic Shergottite [Oral]. 52nd LPSC, The Woodlands, TX. Abstract #2399.

2. Benaroya, S., Semprich, J. (2020), Modeling Low-Grade Metamorphic Phases of Sedimentary Rocks at Gale Crater, Mars [Poster]. 51st LPSC, The Woodlands, TX. Abstract #1011

3. Benaroya, S., K.G. Miller, M. Makarova, J.V. Browning, and J.D. Wright (2018), Miocene planktonic foraminiferal stable isotopes and sea surface temperatures at North Atlantic Site 608 [Poster]. GSA 2018 Annual Meeting, 4-7 November 2018, Indianapolis, IN