Graduate Students

Masis Arce, Roberto

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  • Position: PhD Student
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  • Office: WL-203
  • Research Interests: Seismology, Tectonics

Office: Wrigth-Rieman Laboratories, room 203

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Rutgers University, PhD Candidate (prequalfiers)

University of Costa Rica, BS Geology (2020)

Research Interests






Dr. Vadim Levin (Rutgers University)

Dr. Lujendra Ojha (Rutgers University)

Dr. Roy Schlische (Rutgers University)

Dr. Paul Karabinos (Williamstown University)

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant: Fall 2022 Earthquakes & Volcanoes, under Dr. Vadim Levin

Teaching Assistant: Spring 2022 Introductory geology, under Dr. Carl Swisher

Teaching Assistant: Fall 2021 Earthquakes & Volcanoes, under Dr. Vadim Levin

Working Experience

  • National Seismological Network of Costa Rica (RSN:UCR-ICE), Research Assistant (2014-2020), under Dr. Lepolt Linkimer & Dr. Ivonne Arroyo.
  • Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica (OVSICORI), Intern (2019), under Dr. Esteban Chaves.


  • “A Closer Look At The Offset In Crustal Thickness Beneath Northwestern Massachusetts” [poster]. The Geological Society of America Meeting 2022: Pittsburg, PA.
  • Structure of the Crust in the Northern Appalachian Mountains: Detailing the Abrupt Change in Crustal Thickness in North-Western Massachusetts [poster]. American Geophysical Union Meeting 2021: New Orleans, LA.
  • "Unraveling the seismic nest of Parismina" [poster]. 3rd Congress of Geology, UCR (2019).
  • "Morphometric methods applied to geomorphological analysis: Case of Punta Morales, Costa Rica" [poster]. 3rd Congress of Geology, UCR (2019).
  • "Capellades Earthquake: November 30th, 2016" [poster]. Central American Congress of Geology, El Salvador (2017).


Rutgers Earth and Planetary Science Department Excellence Fellowship (2021)