Bemis, Karen

Position: Research Associate
Office: GSLB 115 Wright Geological Laboratory
Phone: (732) 445-2044
Web Page:


  • Ph.D. Rutgers University 1995 Geological Sciences - A morphometric study of volcanoes in Guatemala, Iceland,
    the Snake River Plain, and the South Pacific
  • M.S. MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography, 1991 - Oceanography Geothermal heat flux from hydrothermal plumes on the Juan de Fuca Ridge
  •  B.A. Rice University - 1988 - Geophysics (magna cum laude)

Research Interests

  • Marine Geophysics - hydrothermal plume behavior, heat flux
  • Volcanology - volcano morphology, cinder cone eruption dynamics, grain flow 
  • Visualization - applications of 3D visualization to volcanology and marine geophysics 


  • Bemis, K.G., P.A. Rona, D. Jackson, C. Jones, D. Silver, K. Mitsuzawa, A
    comparison of black smoker hydrothermal plume behavior at Monolith Vent
    and at Clam Acres vent field: dependence on source configuration, Marine
    Geophys. Res., in press.
  • Bemis, K. G., D. Silver, P. A. Rona, and C. Feng, Case study: a
    methodology for plume visualization with application to real-time
    acquisition and navigation, IEEE Visualization 2000, IEEE, 481-484+595,