Recent Publications

Valuing Climate Damages: Updating Estimation of the Social Cost of Carbon Dioxide. DOI: 10.17226/24651

Co-Author, Robert E. Kopp (2017)

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Further evidence for early lunar magnetism from troctolite 76535. Doi:10.1002/2016JE005154

Ian Garrick-Bethell1,2, Benjamin P. Weiss3, David L. Shuster4,5, Sonia M. Tikoo6, and Marissa M. Tremblay 4,5 (2016)

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A Calcium-in-Olivine Geohygrometer and its Application to Subduction Zone Magmatism. Doi: 10.1093/petrology/egw062

Maxim Gavrilenko, Claude Herzberg, Christopher Vidito ,Michael J. Carr1, Travis Tenner and Alexey Ozerov (2016)

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What surprises lurk within the climate system? Doi:10.1088/1748-9326/11/12/120202

 Hayhoe, K. and R. E. Kopp (2016)

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A Novel Plate Tectonic Scenario for the Genesis and Sealing of Some Major Mesozoic Oil Fields: GSA Today

Muttoni, G., and D. V. Kent (2016)

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The role of geoarcheology in the preservation and management of the Theban Necropolis, West Bank, Egypt. Doi:10.1144/pygs2016-366

Aubry, M.-P., Dupuis, C., and Berggren, W. A., with the collaboration of Ghaly, H., Ward, D., King, C., Knox, R. W. O’B., Ouda, Kh., and Youssef, M. (2016)

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The effects of 10 to >160 GPa shock on the magnetic properties of basalt and diabase. DOI:10.1002/2016GC006583

 N. S. Bezaeva, N. L. Swanson-Hysell, S. M. Tikoo, D. D. Badyukov, M. Kars, R. Egli, D. A. Chareev, L. M. Fairchild, E. Khakhalova, B. E. Strauss, and A. K. Lindquist (2016)

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The Northern Appalachian Anomaly: A modern asthenospheric upwelling. Doi:10.1002/2016GL070918

William Menke, Peter Skryzalin, Vadim Levin, Thomas Harper, Fiona Darbyshire, and Ted Dong (2016)

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The Role of Microbial Electron Transfer in the Coevolution of the Biosphere and Geosphere. (References)

Benjamin I. Jelen (1), Donato Giovannelli (1,2,3,4), and Paul G. Falkowski (1,5) (2016)

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Nickel–cobalt contents of olivine record origins of mantle peridotite and related rocks

Claude Herzberg, Christopher Vidito, Natalie A. Starkey (2016)

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