Recent Publications

Ashley, G.M., Beverly, E.J., Sikes, N.E., Driese, S.G., 2013

Paleosol diversity in the Olduvai Basin, Tanzania: effects of geomorphology, parent material, depositional environment, and groundwater on soil development. Quaternary International (2013)

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Miller, K.G., Kopp, R.E., Horton, B.P., Browning, J.V., Kemp, A.C., 2013

A geological perspective on sea-level rise and its impacts along the U.S. mid-Atlantic coast, Earth's Future, doi:10.1002/2013EF000135

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Iwasaki, T., Levin, V., Nikulin, A., Iidaka, T., 2013

Constraints on the Moho in Japan and Kamchatka, Tectonophysics, v. 609, pp 184-201, doi:10.1016/j.tecto.2012.11.023

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Muttoni, G., Scardia, G., Kent, D.V., 2013

A critique of evidence for human occupation of Europe older than the Jaramillo Subchron (~1 Ma): Comment on "The oldest human fossil in Europe from Orce (Spain)" by Toro-Moyano et al. (2013): Journal of Human Evolution, v. 65, p. 746-749

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Joordens, J. C. J., Dupont-Nivet, G., Feibel, C. S., Spoor, F., Sier, M., van der Lubbe, J. J., Nielsen, T. K., Knul, M. V., Davies, G. R., Vonhof, H. V., 2013

Improved age control on early Homo fossils from the upper Burgi Member at Koobi Fora, Kenya. Journal of Human Evolution 65: 731-745

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Humayun, M., Nemchin, A., Zanda, B., Hewins, R.H., Grange,M., Kennedy, A., Lorand, J.-P., Göpel, C., Fieni, C., Pont, S., Deldicque, D., 2013

Origin and Age of the Earliest Martian Crust from meteorite NWA 7533. Nature, doi:10.1038/nature 12764

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Lavelle, J.W., Di Iorio, D., Rona, P., 2013

A turbulent convection model with an observational context for a deep-sea hydrothermal plume in a time-variable cross flow, Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, vol. 118, 1-16, doi:10.1002/2013JC009165

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Beverly, E.J., Ashley, G.M., Driese, S.G., 2013

Reconstruction of a Pleistocene paleocatena using micromorphology and geochemistry of lake margin paleo-Vertisols, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, Quaternary International (inpress, online)

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Hesselbo, S.P., Bjerrum, C.J., Hinnov, L.A., MacNiocaill, C., Miller, K.G., Riding, J.B., van de Schootbrugge, B., and the Mochras Revisited Science Team, 2013

Mochras borehole revisited: a new global standard for Early Jurassic earth history: Scientific Drilling, v. 16, p. 81-91, doi:10.5194/sd-16-81-2013.

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Hewins, R.H., Bourot-Denise, M., Zanda, B., Leroux, H., Barrat, J.-A., Humayun, M., Göpel, C., Greenwood, R.C., Franchi, I.A., Pont, S., Lorand, J.-P., Cournède, C., Gattacceca, J., Rochette, P., Kuga, M., Marrocchi, Y., Marty, B., 2014 (Online Oct. 2013)

The Paris meteorite, the least altered CM chondrite so far, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 124 (2014), 190–222

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