Recent Publications

Nickeliferous pyrite tracks pervasive hydrothermal alteration in Martian regolith breccia: A study in NWA 7533 doi: 10.1111/maps.12565

Jean-Pierre Lorand, Roger H. Hewins, Laurent Remusat, Brigitte Zanda, Sylvain Pont, Huges Leroux, Maya Marinova, Damien Jacob, Munir Humayun, Alexander Nemchin, Marion Grange, Allen Kennedy, and Christa Gopel (2015)

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Holocene Relative Sea-Level Changes from Near-, Intermediate-, and Far-Field Locations doi: 10.1007/s40641-015-0029-z

Nicole S. Khan, Erica Ashe, Timothy A. Shaw, Matteo Vacchi, Jennifer Walker, W..R. Peltier, Robert E. Kopp, Benjamin P. Horton(2015)

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Quantified abundance of magnetofossils at the Paleocene-Eocene boundary from synchrotron-based transmission X-ray microscopy:

Wang, H., Wang, J., Chen-Wiegart, Y.-c. K., and Kent, D. V. (2015)

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Chlorine Isotope Fingerprint of the Lunar Magma Ocean: doi: 10.1126/sciadv.1500380

Jeremy W. Boyce, Allan H. Treiman, Yunbin Guan, Chi Ma, John M. Eiler, Juliane Gross, James P. Greenwood and Edward M. Stolper (2015)

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Joint projections of US East Coast sea level and storm surge. Nature Climate Change. doi:10.1038/nclimate2801.

C. M. Little, R. M. Horton, R. E. Kopp, M. Oppenheimer, G. A. Vecchi, and G. Villarini (in press) (2015)

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Cenozoic Coccolithophores: Discoasteraerales. CC-E. New York: Micropaleontology Press. Atlas of Micropaleontology series, 532 pp.

Aubry, M.-P., 2015

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Chronostratigraphy of KNM-ER 3733 and other Area 104 hominins from Koobi Fora: Journal of Human Evolution, 86, 99–111:

Lepre, C.J. and D.V. Kent (2015)

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A Noachian source region for the "Black Beauty" meteorite, and a source lithology for Mars surface hydrated dust?

P. Beck a, A. Pommerol b, B. Zanda c, L. Remusat c, J.P. Lorand d, C. Göpel e, R. Hewins c,f , S. Pont c, E. Lewin g, E. Quirico a, B. Schmitt a, G. Montes-Hernandez g, A. Garenne a, L. Bonal a, O. Proux h, J.L. Hazemann i , V.F. Chevrier (2015)

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Coreholes Reveal Glacial and Postglacial History at Sandy Hook

Standford, S., Miller, K. and Browning, J. (2015)

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