Recent Publications

The Role of Holocene Relative Sea-Level Change in Preserving Records of Subduction Zone Earthquakes. DOI 10.1007/s40641-016-0041-y

Tina Dura, Simon E. Englehart, Matteo Vacchi, Benjamin P. Horton, Robert E. Kopp, W. Richard Peltier, Sarah Bradley (2016)

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Tipping elements and climate-economic shocks: Pathways toward integrated assessment.

Rachael Shwom, Jiacan Yuan, Gernot Wagner, Robert E. Kopp (2016)

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Evidence for Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary bolide “impact winter” conditions from New Jersey, USA. Doi:10.1130/G37961.1

John Vellekoop, Selen esmeray-Senlet, Kenneth G. Miller, James V. Browning, Appy Sluijs, Bas van de Schootbrugge, Jaap S. Sinninghe Damste, and Henk Brinkhuis (2016)

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Rutgers Scientists Help Create World’s Largest Coral Gene Database

Todd B. Bates (2016)

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Comparative genomics explains the evolutionary success of reef-forming corals. DOI: 10.7554/eLife.13288

Debashish Bhattacharya, Shobhit Agrawal, Manuel Aranda, Sebastian Baumgarten, Mahdi Belcaid, Jeana L. Drake, Douglas Erwin, Sylvian Foret, Ruth D Gates, David F Gruber, Bishoy Kamel, Michael P Less, Oren Levy, Yi Jin Liew, Matthew MacManes, Tali Mass, Monica Medina, Shaadi Mehr, Eli Meyer, Dama C Price, Hollie M Putnam, Huan Qui, Chuya Shinzato, Eiichi Shoguchi, Alexander J. Stokes, Sylvie Tambutte, Dan Tchernov, Christian R. Voolstra, Nicole Wagner, Charles W Walker, Andreas PM Weber, Virginia Weis, Ehud Zelzion, Didier Zoccola, Paul G Falkowski (2016)


Proceedings of the Tenth International Congress of Eqyptologists. University of the Aegean

Aubry, M-P., Berggren, W. A., Dupuis, C., Poorvin, E., Ghaly, H., Ward, D., King, C., Knox, R. O'B., Ouda, K., and Hassan, W.F., (2015)

A geoarcheological Project in the Theban Necropolis, West Bank, Egypt. In P. Kousoulis, P. and N., Lazaridis, Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta, 241, p. 21-44.

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Hf isotopic evidence for a cogenetic magma source for the Bushveld Complex and associated felsic magmas.

J.A. VanTonger, N.A. Zirakparvar, E.A. Mathez (2016)

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Temperature-driven global sea-level variability in the Common Era. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1517056113

 Robert E. Kopp, Andrew C. Kenp, Klaus Bittermann, Benjamin P. Horton, Jeffrey P. Donnelly, W. Roland Gerhels, Carling C. Hay, Jerry X Mitrovica, Eric D. Morrow, Stefan Rahmstorf (2016)

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Dietary Options and Behavior Suggested by Plant Biomarker Evidence in an Early Human Habitat doi/10.1073/pnas.1507055113

Magill, C.R., Ashley, G.M., Domingez-Rodrigo, M., Freeman, K.H. (2016)

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A continental shelf perspective of ocean acidification and temperature evolution during the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum. Geology doi:10.1130/G37522.1

Babila, T.L., Rosenthal, Y., Wright J.W., and K.G. Miller (2016)

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