Recent Publications

A Noachian source region for the "Black Beauty" meteorite, and a source lithology for Mars surface hydrated dust?

P. Beck a, A. Pommerol b, B. Zanda c, L. Remusat c, J.P. Lorand d, C. Göpel e, R. Hewins c,f , S. Pont c, E. Lewin g, E. Quirico a, B. Schmitt a, G. Montes-Hernandez g, A. Garenne a, L. Bonal a, O. Proux h, J.L. Hazemann i , V.F. Chevrier (2015)

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Coreholes Reveal Glacial and Postglacial History at Sandy Hook

Standford, S., Miller, K. and Browning, J. (2015)

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Constraints on the accretion of the gabbroic lower oceanic crust from plagioclase lattice preferred orientation in the Samail ophiolite, Earth and Planetary Science Letters Volume 427, 1 October 2015, Pages 249–261

J.A. VanTongeren, G. Hirth, P.B. Kelemen (2015)

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Dr. Kenneth Miller's Review of Rising Seas: Past, Present, Future by Vivian Gornitz

Dr. Kenneth Miller's Review of Rising Seas: Past, Present, Future by Vivian Gornitz (2015)

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Recycled crust in the Galápagos Plume source at 70Ma: Implications for plume evolution. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 425, 268–277

Trela, J., Vidito, C., Gazel, E., Herzberg, C., Class, C., Whalen, W., Jichad, B., Bizimis, M., and Alvarado, G. (2015)

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Geographic variability of sea-level change. Current Climate Change Reports. doi: 10.1007/s40641-015-0015-5.

R. E. Kopp, C. C. Hay, C. M. Little, and J. X. Mitrovica (in press) (2015)

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Evidence of the Living Ocean following the Cretaceous/Paleogene mass extinction, Paleoceanography, 30, doi:10.1002/2014PA002724

Esmeray-Senlet, S., Wright, J.D., Olsson, R.K., Miller, K.G., Browning, J.V., 2015

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Cenozoic Coccolithophores: Discoasteraerales. CC-D. New York: Micropaleontology Press. Atlas of Micropaleontology series, 433 pp.

Aubry, M.-P. (2015).

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