Recent Publications

Non-trivial role of internal climate feedback on interglacial temperature evolution.

Xu Zhang and Fahu Chen (2021)

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Cyclic evolution of phytoplankton forced by changes in tropical seasonality.

Luc Beaufort, Clara T. Bolton, Anta-Clarisse Sarà, Baptiste Sucheras-Marx, Yair Rosenthal, Yannick Donnadieu, Nicolas Barbarin, Samantha Bova, Pauline Cornuault, Yves Gally, Emmerline Gray, Jean-Charles Mazur, and Martin Tetard. (2021)

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The life cycle of large igneous provinces.

Benjamin A. Black, Leif Karlstrom, and Tamsin A. Mather

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Clear as mud: Clinoform progradation and expanded records of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum.

Luca G. Podrecca, Maria Makarova, Kenneth G. Miller, James V. Browning, and James D. Wright

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Latitudinal land–sea distributions and global surface albedo since the Cretaceous.

D. V. Kent, and G. Muttoni (2021)

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A new vertebrate fossil-bearing layer in the Rhaetelv Formation (Kap Stewart Group) of central East Greenland: evidence of a Hettangian marine incursion into the continental Jameson Land Basin.

Lars B. Clemmensen, Sofie Lindstrom, Octavio Mateus, Malte Mau, Jesper Milan, and Dennis V. Kent (2021)

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The NC-CC Isotope Dichotomy: Implications for the Chemical and Isotopic Evolution of the Early Solar System.

Katherine R. Bermingham, Evelyn Füri, Katharina Lodders, and Bernard Marty

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Small Shear Wave Splitting Delays Suggest Weak Anisotropy in Cratonic Mantle Lithosprhere. DOI:10.1029/2021GL093861

Xiaoran Chen, Vadim Levin, and Huaiyu Yuan (2021)

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Seismic Anisotropic Layering in the Yilgarn and Superior Cratonic Lithosphere. DOI:10.1029/2020JBo21575

Xiaoran Chen, Vadim Levin, Huaiyu Yuan, Michael Klaser and Yiran Li (2021)

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