Notes from the Field

We greatly appreciate the cooperation of Jane and Ed Adams (owners Flora Lea Farm), Elizabeth Poblete and her staff (Medford Transportation and Operations Center), and Richards Parks and his staff (Director of Neighborhood Services) for welcoming us onto their properties.  We thank the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and the School of Arts and Sciences for providing partial funding, Tonya Rufus, Ashley Pavlis, and Frank Cocilovo for expediting the contract and insurance, Mike Gagliano (NJGS) for logging, and Pete Chirico and his staff for providing the drillers.  Finally, the coring could not have been done without the cheerful hard work by the USGS drillers, Jeff Grey and Keith Moody, who did an exemplary job.

Kenneth G. Miller, Distinguished  ProfessorCo-Chair IODP Science Evaluation Panel

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