Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

  • Amber Granger '02 George Cook Scholar: "3-D Geometry of Normal Fault Population in a Scaled Physical Model"
  • Gary Katz '96 Independent Study: "High-Resolution Seismic Stratigraphy of Quaternary and Cretaceous Coastal Plain Sediments of Sandy Hook, Central New Jersey"
  • John Hernandez '00 Honors Project: "87Sr/86Sr dating of Upper Cretaceous (Campanian and Santonian) depositional sequences: Bass River and Ancora, NJ ODP Leg 174 AX"
  • Zev Laden '93 Independent Study: "A Study on Karst Distribution in Dauphin County and Franklin County, Pennsylvania"
  • Frank Marascia '97 Independent Study: "Seismic Reflection Profiling of Sandy Hook"
  • John Metzger '96 George Cook Scholar: "Pass-Through Core Measurements of Magnetic Susceptibility and Natural Gamma Ray, New Jersey Coastal Plain Leg 150x: Sequence Stratigraphic Implications"
  • Stefan Muszala '96 Senior Honors: "Seismic Refraction Study of a Portion of the Newark Basin"
  • Holly Peterson "02 Senior Honors Thesis: "Displacement-Thickness Scaling of Normal Faults in Mudstones of the Newark Rift Basin"
  • Steve Rehmer '96 Independent Study: "Upper Eocene to Lowest Miocene Standard Section Refinement: Revision and Evaluation of Strontium Isotope Stratigraphic Resolution From DSDP Site 522"
  • Tim Reilly '96 Independent Study: "Upper Eocene to Oligocene Standard Section: Revisions to the 87Sr/86Sr Regression of DSDP site 522"
  • Jonathan Schoudt & Sandra Simchick '97 Independent study: "Characterization of the Urbanized Channel of the Second River, Newark, NJ"
  • Peter Thibodeau '91 Independent Study: "Rift Basin Filling Models Using Variable Sediment-Supply Rates"
  • Julie Trotta '01 Douglas College Honors Project: "Analysis of fluid seeps on the NJ Continental Margin using Seismic Reflection Data"
  • Michael G. Viersma '97 Independent Study: "Variations in Strain Accommodated by Faults in a Scaled Physical Model"
  • Jaime S. Whitlock '99 George Cook Scholars: "Tectonic Geomorphology of the Molvik Graben, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland"
  • Scott S. Young '96 Henry Rutgers Scholar: "Analysis of Micro-normal Fault Populations in Selected Mesozoic Rift Basins of North America"
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