General Facilities

Noble Gas Lab WL-345 C. Swisher,B. Turrin
Laser abalation ICP facility at IMCS IMCS Paul Field
Micromass Optima stable isotope mass spectrometer with multiprep for automated analysis of carbonate and water samples WL-233A James Wright
Class 10/100 clean room for geochemical sample preparation WL-343B Mark Feigenson
Electron microprobe for mineral analysis WL-330 Jeremy Delaney
VG sector thermal-ionization mass spectrometer for isotope ratios WL-338 IMCS Mark Feigenson
ICP mass spectrometer WL-281
Gene Hall
Rob Sherrell
Plankton culturing and geochemistry lab IMCS Paul Falkowski
Petrology laboratory with several Deltech 1-atmosphere furnaces WL-348 Roger Hewins
Rock / Sample Preperation Lab WL-341 C. Swisher, B. Turrin
Scanning electron microscope for microphotography Biological Sciences, Nelson Labs  
Micropaleontology labs WL-243C, 233D; GSLB Ken Miller, Richard Olsson, Marie-Pierre Aubry, William Berggren
Sedimentology laboratory GSLB Gail Ashley
Experimental structural geology modeling laboratory, Computer-based seismic display and interpretation lab WL-235 Martha Withjack, Roy Schlische
Mineral, rock, and fossil collections Geology Museum Bill Selden
Computer laboratory: 4 PC's, 5 Powermacs, color flat-bed and slide scanner, hi-res B&W laserprinters, high resolution color laserprinter, 36" color plotter WL-247 Jason Pappas
Field equipment: electronic total station, 2 hand-held GPS recievers, 2 automatic levels WL-239B Roy Schlische
Field vehicles: 2 4WD field vehicles, 2 15-passenger vans Lot 57 Ken Miller