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Awards, Honors, and Kudos

Congratulations to Gail Ashley who was just awarded a National Geographic Society / Waitt Grant of $14 k to support her project "Springs as a water source for hunter-gatherers: ancient and modern sites in East African Rift Valley."

Congratulations to Ying Fan Reinfelder. As most of you already know, Ying was just promoted to Associate Professor with tenure... for icing on the cake, I just received a note from President McCormick that a Board of Trustees Research Fellowship has been awarded to Ying in recognition of her "...scholarly excellence as one of Rutgers most distinguished young faculty members".

Congratulations to Paul Falkowski who has been selected on behalf of the Phycological Society of America to receive PSA's Gerald W. Prescott Award "in recognition of your outstanding book, "Aquatic Photosynthesis,2nd Ed.". This is the PSA's highest award to a book in this field and is named for Gerald Prescott in recognition of his outstanding contributions to phycology. Past recipients can be found here.

Congratulations to graduate student Emily Beverly who just received a Geological Society of America Research Grant for her proposed study "New insights into the paleoclimate and paleoenvironment of a Pleistocene time-slice using bulk geochemical and micromorphological analysis of paleo-Vertisols: Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania."

Congratulations to graduate student Linda Martin who just received a Geological Society of America Research Grant for her study on the "Paleoenvironment reconstruction of Pleistocene to Holocene beds near Eliye springs, with correlation to early Homo sapiens sites, west Turkana, Kenya."

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