Theses & Dissertations

Name Year Degree Thesis/Dissertation Title RefNum Description File Name Advisor
Degirmenci, Tuce 2014 MS Later Miocene Seismic Sequences, New Jersey Middle to Outer Continental Shelf       Mountain
Fiore, Alex 2014 MS Application of Slug Tests to Detect Reduced Aquifer Permeability Due to Byproducts of Bioremediation of Groundwater Contaminants at the Naval Air Warfare Center, West Trenton, New Jersey       Reinfelder
Makarova, Maria 2014 MS Paleoenvironmental changes associated with the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, Millville (ODP Leg 174AX), New Jersey coastal plain       Miller
Iscimen, Turan 2014 MS Sequence stratigraphy of Miocene sequences Kw2a and m5.4, New Jersey: onshore to offshore correlations       Miller
Lombardi, Christopher 2014 MS Lithostratigraphy and clay mineralogy of Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum sediments at Wilson Lake, NJ       Miller
Martin,Rosa  Linda 2014 MS Late Quaternary sedimentary geology of North Turkwel, Turkana County, Kenya       Feibel
Baluyot Roni Dell 2013 MS High-resolution delta18O and delta 13C records spanning the early to early-middle Miocene (15 - 20 Ma) from ODP Sites 747 and 751, Kerguelen Plateau       Miller/Wright
Hanafi, Bari 2013 MS The influence of basin architecture and synrift salt on structural evolution during and after rifting: A case study of the Orpheus rift basin, offshore Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, Canada       Withjack/Schlische
Putra, Christian 2013 MS Influence of pre-existing strike-slip faults on fault development during a subsequent phase of extension        
Serrano Suarez, Beatriz 2013 MS Evolution of the Jeanne d'Arc basin, offshore Newfoundland, Canada: 3D seismic evidence for >100 million years of rifting       Withjack/Schische
Shilling, Andrea 2013 MS Characterization of groundwater discharge sites using remote sensing and wetland cores, Lake Eyasi Basin, Tanzania       Ashley
Beverly, Emily 2012 MS Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic reconstruction of a Pleistocene catena using paleopedology and geochemistry of lake margin paleo-Vertisols, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania       Ashley
Etikha 2012 MS Postrift deformation of the Scotian basin, offshore Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, Canada: Insights from 2D and 3D seismic-reflection data       Withjack/Schlische
Karakaya, Sarp 2012 MS Quantitative seismic attribute analysis using artificial neural networks and seismic stratigraphic interpretation of lower to middle Miocene sediments offshore New Jersey       Mountain/Miller
Seker, Zuhal 2012 MS Cretaceous well-log and sequence stratigraphic correlation of the outer continental shelf and upper slope off of New Jersey        
Zulfitriadi 2011 MS The Mesozoic Orpheus Rift Basin, offshore Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, Canada: Synrift and early postrift evolution of a well-imaged North Atlantic rift basin       Withjack/Schlische
Hidayah, Triyani 2010 MS Experimental Modeling of Focused Shortening: Understanding the Structural Development of Reverse Fault Zones [PDF] ExxonMobil      
Sulistyaningrum, Ika 2010 MS Seismic sequence stratigraphy during the Cretaceous through the early Paleogene in the Northern Scotian Basin (Laurentian Subbasin), offshore Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, Canada       Withjack/Schlische
Wahyudi, Hendra 2010 MS Lithofacies and depositional environment spanning the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary on the New Jersey coastal plain       Withjack/Schlische
Durcanin, Michael 2009 MS Influence of synrift salt on rift basin development: Applications to the Orpheus basin, offshore Eastern Canada [PDF] Nexen Petroleum      
Sulistyanigrum, Ika 2009 MS Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy during the Cretaceous through the Early Paleogene in the northern Scotian Basin (Laurentian Subbasin), offshore, Nova Scotia [PDF] ExxonMobil      
Harris, Ashley  2007 MS Paleocene-Lowermost Eocene Sequence Stratigraphy of the New Jersey Coastal Plain[PDF] Ph.D student pdf M170 (14.57 MB)    
Pusz, Aimee  2007 MS Stable Isotopic Response To The Late Eocene Extraterrestrial Impact Events [PDF] Ph.D. Student      
Baum, Mark S.  2006 MS Controls on the Deformation Produced by Oblique Inversion of Rift Basins: Which Structures Reflect the Paleostrain State? Geologist, Chevron      
Earley, Ryan J. 2006 MS Hi-Res MCS Evidence of Spatial and Temporal Variability in Sedimentation Rates from Pliocene Sediment Buildups on Eirik Drif, SW of Greenland M167      
Granger, Amber B. 2006 MS Influence of basal boundary conditions on normal-fault systems in scaled physical models M164      
Henderson, Samuel  2006 MS Stable Isotope and Lithologic Variations on the Eirik Drift During the Holocene: Implications for Climate and Deep-Water Interactions Ph.D. student, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Rutgers University      
Henza, Alissa A. 2006 MS Stress, Slip, and Lattice-Preferred Orientation of Xenoliths From Cerro Mercedes, Costa Rica M165      
Neitzke, Lauren  2006 MS Late Pleistocene Sedimentation on Eirik Drift: Implications for North Atlantic Deep Water Variation Ph.D student, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Rutgers University      
Reilly, Jr., Michael  2006 MS A Revised Perspective on Trace and Rare Earth Element Geochemistry of the Central American Volcanic Front [PDF]        
Henderson, Samuel S. 2005 MS Stable Isotope and Lithologic Variations on the Eirik Drift During the Holocene: Implications for Climate and Deep-Water Interactions M166      
Kuplecz, Andrew A. 2005 MS Subsurface Distribution of Upper Cretaceous Sequences, Aquifers, and Facies of the New Jersey Coastal Plain M162      
Serfes, Michael E.  2005 MS Arsenic Occurrence, Sources, Mobilization, Transport And Prediction In The Major Bedrock Aquifers Of The Newark [PDF] Research Scientist, NJGS      
Kahn, Alicia C.M. 2004 MS Protist Provincialism During the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum: Temporal Constraint of the Rhomboaster spp. - Discoaster Araneus Assciation M158      
Patrick, Lesley Noel 2004 MS Orbital Control of Valanginian (Early Cretaceous) Rhythmic Marls and Limestones in the Balck Basin M161      
Rodgers, Rebecca E. 2004 MS Archean Geodynamics and Mantle Geochemistry: Evidence From the Mantle Section of the Dongwanzi Ophiolite 2.505GA M160      
Baum, MarkS. 2003 MS 3-D Geometry of Inversion Structures in the Mesozoic Fundy Rift Basin, Maritime Canada M157      
Elder-Brady, Jennifer A. 2003 MS Effectiveness of Small-Scale Structures in Deciphering the Tectonic History of the Mesozoic Fundy Rift Basin M159      
Uptegrove, Jane 2003 MS Late Pleistocene Facies Distribution, Sea Level Changes, and Paleogeography of the Inner Continentsl Shelf Off Long Beach Island, New Jersey M156      
Hanczaryk, Paul A. 2002 MS Intergrated Stratigraphy of the Pierre Shale of Central South Dakota M152      
Hernandez, John Carlos 2002 MS Sequence Stratigraphy Spanning the Middle/Late Miocene Boundary at Bethany Beach, DE: Isotopic and Benthic Foraminferal Evidence M154      
Mollel, Godwin F. 2002 MS Petrology and Geochemistry of the South Eastern Ngorongoro Volcanic Highland; and Contribution to"Sourcing" of Stone Tools at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania M155      
Peterson, Holly 2002 MS Thickmess-Displacement Scaling Relationships for Faults in Triassic Mudstones of the Newark Basin M153      
Reilly, Timothy J. 2002 MS Isotopic and Geochemical Characterisics of the Atlantic City 800 foot Sand Aquifer and its Confining Units, New Jersey Coastal Plain with Special Emphisis on Bass River M151 pdf M151 (13.45 MB)    
Caruso, Nicole L. 2001 MS A Comparison of Natural and Altered Estuarine Salt Marsh, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey M149      
Hanczaryk, Paul A.  2001 MS Integrated Stratigraphy of the Pierre Shale of Central South Dakota NJ Department of Transportation      
Juliano, Scott H.  2001 MS Pb Isotopic Data of the Central American Volcanic Arc        
Reilly, Jr., Michael  2001 MS Isotopic and Geochemical Characteristics of the Atlantic City Aquifer and its Confining Unites, New Jersey Coastal Plain with Special Emphasis on Bass River U.S. Geological Survey      
Skinner, Ethan S. 2001 MS Sea Level History of the Upper Campanian Marshalltown Sequences of the New Jersey Coasal Plain, Bass River, and Ancora Boreholes M150      
Bolge, Louise L. 2000 MS Geochemistry of Tephras from Arenal Volcano, Coasta Rica: Repeated Cycles of Explosive Volvcanism M147      
Caruso, Nicole  2000 MS A Comparison of Natural and Altered Estuarine Marsh, Barnegat Bay, NJ        
Gaswirth, Stephanie B. 2000 MS The Late Pleistocene to Holocene Glacial History of Raritan Bay, New Jersey M143      
Liutkus, Cynthia M. 2000 MS Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, and Stable Isotopes of the Lowermost Bed II Freshwater Wetlands, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania M146      
Lurie, Nadine B. 2000 MS Correlation of Geophysical Parameters and Climate-Sensitive Lithofacies for a 100 foot section of Late Triassic Continental Sediments, Newark Rift Basin, Eastern North America M144      
Metzger, Keith  2000 MS Variations in the Ocean Conveyor's Upper Limb During the Late Pleistocene [PDF] Environmental Consulting      
Metzger, Keith T. 2000 MS Variations in the Ocean Conveyor's Upper Limb During the Late Pleistocene M145 pdf M145 (14.70 MB)    
Gaswirth, Stephanie  1999 MS High-Resolution Seismic and Vibracore Study of Raritan Bay, N.J. Quaternary Straigraphy:  Evidence For the Last Glacial Maximum Petroleum Geologist, USGS, Denver      
Kenen, Oliver K. 1999 MS Brackish Estuarine Marsh Sediments in M142      
Cramer, Benjamin S. 1998 MS The Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum, Bass River, NJ: Neritic Response to a Runaway Greenhouse Event M141 pdf M141 (13.82 MB)    
Kenen, Oliver K.  1998 MS Salt Marsh Sedimentation and Sea-Level History of Raritan Estuary Retired      
Deocampo, Daniel 1997 MS Modern Sedimentation and Geochemistry of Freshwater Springs: Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzia M139      
Orabone, Kevin D.  1997 MS Fracture Patterns in the Passaic Formation Near Piscataway, New Jersey: Their Effect on Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Migration Environmental Consulting      
Smith,Peter C.  1996 MS Atlantic Shelf Sand Ridges as Sources for Beach Replenishment Hydrogeologist, Environmental Firm, Westport, MA      
Boesenberg, Joseph S. 1995 MS Partial Melting Experiments on Chondritic Precursors: A Possible Origin for Eucrites and the Basaltic Achondrite Planetoid M137 pdf M137 (12.08 MB)    
Maharaj, Susan V. 1995 MS A Comparison of Type B CA-AL-Rich Inclusions from the Allende Meteorite with Analogs from Flash-Heated Dynamic Crystallization Experiments M136      
Pekar, Stephen F.  1995 MS New Jersey Oligocene Sequences Recorded at the Leg 150X Boreholes (Cape May, Atlantic City, and Island Beach) Ph.D. student, Rutgers University      
Ackermann, Rolf V.  1994 MS Effects of Sustained Elevated Discharges from Intrabasin Flow Diversion on the Fluvial Geomorphology of East Branch Perkiomen Creek, Bedminster, Pennsylvania [PDF]   pdf M134 (18.80 MB)    
Jones, Brian D.  1994 MS The Structure and Stratigraphy of the Hopewell Fault Block, Newark Basin, New Jersey and Pennsylvania [PDF] Environmental consulting firm pdf M133 (15.15 MB)    
Esker, Dominic 1993 MS Sythetic Seismograms from Vibracores : A Tool for Correlating the Seismic Record to the Sediment Record of Barnegat Inlet, New Jersey M132      
Goss, Matthew C.  1993 MS High-Resolution Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis of Ice-Marginal Sedimentation in Block Island Sound and Adjacent Southern Rhode Island Hydrogeologist, BEM Systems, Inc., Merritt Island, FL      
Musser, Douglass L. 1993 MS Structure, Stratigraphy, and Evolution of the Norfolk Rift Basin B.E.M. Environmental Consultants      
Patino, Lina 1993 MS Geochemical Traverse Across Honduras [PDF] Ph.D. student, Rutgers University      
Bam, Swagat A. 1992 MS Late Miocene Paleoecology and Biostratigraphy of Southeastern Maryland M92 pdf M92 (6.23 MB)    
Christensen, Beth A.  1992 MS Eocene to Oligocene Benthic Foraminiferal Biofacies and Depositional Sequences Recorded at ACGS#4 Borehole, New Jersey Coastal Plain Professor of Environmental Studies Program, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY      
Esker, Dominick  1992 MS Synthetic Seismograms from Vibracores: A Tool for Correlating the Seismic Record to the Sediment Record of Barnegat Inlet, New Jersey Chair of Science Dept., Bergen Catholic High School, NJ      
Patino, Lina C. 1992 MS Geochemical Traverse Across Honduras M129 pdf M129 (5.03 MB)    
Clare, April Kathleen 1991 MS Geothermometry and Geobarometry Applied to The Central American Volcanic Front M127      
Connolly Jr., Harold C.  1991 MS The Influence of Bulk Composition and Dynamic Melting Conditions on Olivine Chondrule Textures [PDF] Assistant Professor, Kingsborough College- CUNY pdf M126 (9.45 MB)    
Stack, Cristina M. 1991 MS Inverse Modeling of Alkaline Lavas from Guayacan, Coasta Rica M125 pdf M125 (4.10 MB)    
Bennett, Elisabeth A. 1990 MS Niobium Contents of Central American Lavas M124 pdf M124 (6.57 MB)    
Chisolm, Lisa 1990 MS A Paleomagnetic Study of the Coastal Plutonic Complex of the Northern Chile M123 pdf M123 (5.71 MB)    
Jagel, Donald L. 1990 MS A Gravity and Magnetic Model of the Beemerville Intrusive Complex, Beemerville, New Jersey M122      
Suydam, Karen Andrea 1990 MS A Paleointensity and Magnetic Modeling Study of the Jurassic Magnetic Quiet Zone M121      
Wellner, Robert W. 1990 MS High - Resolution Seismic Stratigraphy and Depositional History of Barnegat Inlet, New Jersey and Vicinity M120      
Von Schondorf, Peter L. 1989 MS The Paleomagnetics of the Green Pond Outlier M119 pdf M119 (6.72 MB)    
Cipolletti, Debbie L. 1988 MS Morphometry of Central American Composite Cones M118 pdf M118 (3.83 MB)    
Edwurzel, Brenda 1988 MS The Sediment Dynamics of a Mesotidal, Mixed sand and gravel, Bayside Beach: Herring Cove, Cape Cod, MA M117      
McLaughlin, Franklin B 1988 MS Influence of Discharge, Season, and Urbanization on the Concentration, Speciation, and Bioavailability of trace Metals in the Raritan River Basin, New Jersey M116      
Radomsky, Patrick M. 1988 MS Dynamic Crystallization Experiments on Magesian Olivine-Rich and Pyroxene-Olivine Chondrule Compostion M115      
Rowan, Andrew T. 1988 MS Bank Erosion, Bank Stability, and Channel Migration in Salt Marsh Tidal Channels M114      
Vassallo, Carol F. 1988 MS Geomorphic History and Sediment Dynamics of a Dredged Inlet on a Developed Shoreline: Townsends Inlet, New Jersey M113      
Dimmick, Ross Alan 1987 MS Foraminiferal Paleoecology of the Plio- Pleistocene Taiwan Foredeep Basin and Its Tectonic Implications M112      
Gillespie, Thomas D. 1987 MS The Structure and Geochemistry of a Breccia Dike Complex at McAfee, New Jersey M111      
Jesinkey, Christopher 1987 MS Late Paleozoic Paleomagnetizations From the Chilean Andes: Constraints for Andean Evolution M110      
Milionis, Peter N. 1987 MS Rare Earth Element Geochemistry of Lavas From Central America M109 pdf M109 (8.57 MB)    
Von Schondorf, Amy 1987 MS Sedimentary Facies and Paleohydraulics Of an Ice-Contact Glacial Outwash Plain, Germany Flats, New Jersey M108      
Cipolletti, Robert M. 1986 MS Age Determination and Paleoecology of Marine Paleogene Strata, Baja, California, Norte M107      
Ferland, Marie A. 1986 MS The Stratigraphy and Evolution of the Southern New Jersey Backbarrier Region M105      
Kaeding, Margaret E. 1986 MS Geochemistry of Near-Trench Magmatic Rocks from the Taitao Peninsula, Southern Chile: Implications for Ridge Subduction M106      
Warne, Andrew G. 1986 MS Stratigraphic Analysis of the Upper Devonian Greenland GAP Group and Lockhaven Formation Near the Allegheny Front of Central Pennslyvania M101      
Harriott, Theresa A. 1985 MS Pyroxene Realtionships in the 4B Mesosiderites Mincy and Budulan and Implications for Their Origin M104      
Mitchell, James P. 1985 MS Paleodynamics of the Green Pond Outlier, New Jersey Highlands: Evidence for Noncoaxial Deformation During Late Paleozoic Orogenesis M103 pdf M103 (13.16 MB)    
Moser, Fredrika C. 1985 MS The Storage and Transport of Sediments, Pesticides, and PCB'S in two Impounded Fluvial Systems in Southern New Jersey M102      
Colucci, Michael T. 1984 MS Ductile Deformation Mechanisms Controlled by Impurities in a Shear Zone M100      
Fields, Mary Leslie 1984 MS Physical Processes and Sedimentation in the Intra-Jetty Area, Barneget Inlet, New Jersey M99      
Motta, Christopher J. 1984 MS The Sedimantology and Hydrology of the Lower and Middle Reaches of the Raritan River Estuary New Jersey M98      
Reimer, Gerda E. 1984 MS The Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Southern Basin of Glacial Lake Passaic, New Jersey M97      
Scheiber, Berta L. 1984 MS Early to Middle Miocene Sea Level Fluctuations, Biostratigraphy, and Paleoecology of the Maryland Subsurface M96      
Schuyler, T. Kent 1984 MS Petrology of the Sub-Layer along the North Range of the Sudbury Irruptive M95      
Szuwalski, Daniel R. 1984 MS The Petrology of the Ultramafic Rocks in the Footwall Levack Complex, Fraser Area, Sudbury, Canada (Possible source of the Sudbury sublayer ultramafic xenoliths) M94      
Toskos, Theodoros 1984 MS A Structural and Gravity Transect Along the New Jersey Highlands and Adjacent Valley and Ridge, in Northern New Jersey M93      
Buteux, Christopher B. 1982 MS Variations in Magnitude and Direction of Longshore Currents Along the Central New Jersey Coast M91      
DeLu, Jacqueline 1982 MS Sedimentary Processes of Boonton Reservoir M90 pdf M90 (9.84 MB)    
Haag, Gary H. 1982 MS The Sedimentologic and Hydraulic Characteristics of the Raritan River in the Bound Brook Reach M89      
Hughes, Theresa M. 1982 MS The Sedimentologic Characteristics of the Union Lake-Maurice River System, New Jersey M88      
Melillo, Allan J. 1982 MS Late Miocene (Tortonian) Sea-Level Events of Maryland-New Jersey Coastal Plain M87      
Agosto, William N. 1981 MS Two Antarctic Achondrites: A Petrologic and Chemical Comparison with Evidence for Phosphorus Reduction of Iron in Non-Terrestrial Pyroxenes M86      
Clausen, John Eric 1981 MS Paleoecology and Stratigraphy of Upper Devonian (Frasnian - Famennian) Clastic Facies Units in Randolph County, West Virginia M85      
Hart, William J.E. 1981 MS The Panchimalco Tephra, El Salvador, Central America M84      
Hutchinson, Wayne R. 1981 MS A Computer Simulation of the Glacial/Carbonate Aquifer in the Pequest Valley, Warren County, New Jersey M83      
Kirby, Mark William 1981 MS Sedimentology of the Middle Devonian Bellvale and Skunnemunk formations in the Green Pond Outlier in Northern N.J. and Southeastern N.Y. M82      
Nyong, Eyo Etim 1981 MS Campanian-Early Maestrichtian Benthic Foraminiferal Paleoecology and Paleobathymetry of the New Jersey and Northern Delaware Atlantic Margin M81      
Dombroski, Daniel R. 1980 MS A Geological and Geophysical Investigation of Concealed Contracts Near An Abondoned Barite Mine, Hopewell, New Jersey M80      
Jannik, Nancy O. 1980 MS Recurved Spit Development and Realted Beach Processes on Horseshoe Spit (Bayside) Sandy Hook, New Jersey M79      
Sahagian, Dork 1980 MS Sublithospheric Upwelling Distributation and Its Implications Regarding Hot Spots and Mantle Convection M78 pdf M78 (4.27 MB)    
Walker, James Allen 1980 MS Geochemical Constraints on the Petrogenesis of Behind -the-Front Volcanism in Central America M77      
Allen, John F., Jr. 1979 MS Paleocurrent and Facies Analysis of the Triassic Stockton Formation in Western New Jersey M76      
Eilenberg, Sarah 1979 MS Variations of Sulfur, Copper and Zinc in Volcanoes from El Savador and Adjacent Regions M75      
Massa, Vito, Jr. 1979 MS A Geophysical and Geological Investigation of the Edison Copper Mine Area, Edison N.J. M74      
Pontier, Nancy K. 1979 MS Magmatic Evolution of Izalco Volcano and Relation to the Santa Ana Complex, El Salvador M73      
Sacco, Paul A. 1979 MS Upper Jurassic-Lower Crestaceous Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy, Paleocology, and Paleobiogeography of the COST B-2 Well M72 pdf M72 (7.15 MB)    
Ungrady, Timothy E. 1979 MS Stratigraphic Analysis of the Piney Point Formation of Maryland M71 pdf M71 (6.74 MB)    
Crandall, Thomas M. 1978 MS Sedimentology and Depositional Environments of the Upper Crestaceous Fox Hills Formation in Eastcentral Wyoming M70      
English, John R. 1978 MS Diagenetic Processes in the Oligocene-Miocene Sediments: B-2 Well Baltimore Canyon Trough M69      
Franceschini, Timothy 1978 MS Incremantal Strain Analysis in the Martinsburg Formation Along a Section of the Portland fault near Newton, New Jersey M68      
Goldenberg, Jeffery E. 1978 MS An Investigation of the Effect of the Solid Earth Tides on the Triggering of Volcanic Eruptions in Central America M67 pdf M67 (3.59 MB)    
Kerr, James Jr. McKinnon 1978 MS The Volcanic and Tectonic History of La Providencia Island, Colombia M66 pdf M66 (6.27 MB)    
Kulpecz, Alexander A. 1978 MS Non-Isothermal Phosphide Growth in Emery, a Mesosiderite M65      
Mayfield, Darrell G. 1978 MS Magmatic Variation in the El Savador Segment of the Middle America Arc M64      
Berthoud, Charles Jr. E. 1977 MS Soil Variability Over Short Distances M63 pdf M63 (2.59 MB)    
Fairbrothers, Gregg E. 1977 MS Magmatic Trends at Buqueron Volcano, El Salvador M62      
Klonsky, Louis F. 1977 MS A Prelimanary Study of the Origin of the Physiographic Boundary Between the Nicaraguan Rise and the Colombian Basin, Caribbean Sea M61 pdf M61 (2.89 MB)    
Kraybill, Richard L. 1977 MS Ground Water Quality, Variation and Trends in Schantz Spring Basin and Adjacent Areas of Southwestern Lehigh County, Pennsylvania M60      
Rafaels, Maris 1977 MS Gravity Modeling of Central American Subduction Zones M59      
Rehm, John M. Jr. 1977 MS Landslide Potential in the Atlantic Highlands of New Jersey M58 pdf M58 (4.64 MB)    
Yersak, Thomas 1977 MS Gravity Study of Staten Island and Vicinity M57      
Bambrick, James Jr. 1976 MS Gravity Investigation of the Triassic M56 pdf M56 (3.43 MB)    
Cummings, Warren L. 1976 MS Properties of Carbonate Rock Aggregate Affecting the Skid Resistance of Bituminous Concrete Pavement M55      
Jogan, Brenda M. H. 1976 MS Subaerial Laminated Crusts of the Cambrian Allentown Dolomaite of New Jersey M54      
Martino, Ronald L. 1976 MS Sedimentology and Paleoenvironments of the Maestrictian Monmouth Group in the Northern and Central NJ Coastal Plain M53      
Muller, Fredrick L. 1976 MS Growth Analysis of Kummerform and Normalform Phenotypes of the Species Globigerinoides Ruber from the North Atlantic M52      
O'Grady, Martin D. 1976 MS Paleobathymetry of the Bass River Formation and its Implications M51      
Ulrich, Barbara C. 1976 MS The Eocene Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of the Atlantic Coastal Plain of New Jersey M50      
Dahgren, Paul B. 1975 MS Petrology of Late Triassic Lacustrine Carbonate in the Newark Basin, New Jersey M49      
Dunning, Jeremy D. 1975 MS Self Diffusion of Lattice Vacines as a Possible Mechanism for Failure in Crystals and Polycrystalline Aggregates M48      
Harper, David P. 1975 MS Sedimantary Dynamics of a Disturbed Estuary Entrance Sand Shoal: Shrewsbury Entrance Area of Sandy Hook Bay, New Jersey M47      
Kennish, Michael J. 1974 MS The effects of Thermal Addition on the Microstructral Growth of Mercenaria Mercenaria M46      
Kewer, Robert Parker 1974 MS The Core Length Index: A Method for the Numerical Classifications of a core for Engineering Purposes M45      
Lan, Ching-Yang 1974 MS Petrological Study of Dikes on Musconetcong Mountain Bloomsbury Quadrangle, New Jersey M44      
McWhorter, James 1974 MS A Preliminary Water Budget and Reconnaissance Hydrogeology of the PaulinsKill Drainage Basin, Warren and Sussex Counties, New Jersey M43      
Pendleton, Martha W. 1973 MS Cemented Pleistocene Gravels of Northern New Jersey M42 pdf M42 (2.46 MB)    
Samsel, Walter S. 1973 MS A Study of the Longitudinal Distribution of Velocity in the Upper Whippany River, New Jersey M41      
Black, William W. 1972 MS Geochemistry of the Triassic Watchung Basalts M40 pdf M40 (3.86 MB)    
Robertson, Bruce.E. 1972 MS The Paleoecology of the Tinton M39      
Werner, Eberhard W. 1972 MS Origin of Solutions Features-Cloverlik Valley, Pocahontas County, West Virgnia M38      
Sibley, Duncan F. 1971 MS Marine Diagenesis of Carbonate Sediments, Bonaire, N.A. M37      
Houlik, Charles Jr. W. 1970 MS Carboniferous Supratidal Flat and Desert Sabkha Sedimentation, Western Wyoming M36 pdf M36 (2.90 MB)    
Lipman, Leonard II H. 1970 MS Formation and Growth of a Spit Bar: A Study Using Orientation and Imbrication of Classic Grains to Show Water Flow Directions M34      
Slaughter, John 1969 MS Genesis of the Stratiform Copper Deposits of the Catskill Formation in Northeastern Pennsylvania M35      
Baker, Ralph N. 1968 MS The Forminiferal Paleocology of the Upper Cretaceous Exogyra Ponderosa and Exogyra Costata Zones of the Western Georgia Coastal Plain M33      
James, Arthur Darryl 1967 MS The Occurance of Water in the Precambrian Crystalline Rocks of the New Jersey Highlands M32      
Sparks, William E. 1967 MS The Paleoecology and Biostratigraphy of Uppermost Eocene and Lowermost Oligocene Strata of Little Strave Creek. Alabama M31      
Chapman, Diana 1966 MS Petrology and Structure of the Byram Cove Synform Precambrian Highlands, New Jersey M30      
Screiber, B Charlotte 1966 MS An Ananlysis of the Three Deep-Sea Cores From the North Atlantic(3 Books) M29      
Block, Fred 1964 MS Zircons in Some Pegmaties and Associated County Rocks of the New Jersey Highland M28      
Haagenson, Robert B. 1963 MS A Chemical, X-Ray and Infrared M27      
Spink, Walter 1963 MS Structure of the Cambro-Ordovician Sedimentary Rocks of Sussex county, New Jersey Sci & Med      
McDonald, Robert B. 1961 MS A Petroglogical Study of the Recent Sands of the Delaware River M26      
Hammell, Laurence 1960 MS Petrofabric Studies in the Splitlock Pond Area, Morris County, New Jersey M25      
Oman, Carl Henry 1960 MS A Bio-stratigraphic Analysis of the Type Moody's Branch Fomation M24      
Parrillo, Daniel G. 1960 MS Precambrian Geology of the Wanaque-Butler Area M23      
Servilla, Thomas 1960 MS Unconformity at the Base of the Raritan Formation in the Middlesex County, New Jersey M22      
Minard, James P. 1959 MS The Geology of the Peapack-Ralston Valley in the North Central New Jersey M21      
Muskatt, Herman S. 1959 MS Structure and Stratigraphy of the Lower Knob Area, Fulton County, Pennsylvania M20      
Dix, Fred A. Jr. 1957 MS Foraminifera from the Mobridge Member of the Pierre Shale(3 books) M19      
Kline, James E. 1957 MS Pre-Cambrian Rocks in the Chester - Califon Area M18      
Mutch, Thomas A, 1957 MS The Petrology of a Portion of the Ice River, British Columbia, Igneous Complex M17      
Schaffel, Simon 1957 MS The Geology of Breakneck Ridge and Vicinity, Duchess and Putnam Counties Southeastern New York M16      
Vecchioli, John 1957 MS Pre-cambrian Rocks in the Jenny Jump Mountain Area M15      
Brownson, Ernest M. 1956 MS A Deep Water Facies of the Mount Laurel M14      
Gill, Harold E. 1956 MS A Stratigraphic Analysis of a Portion Of the Matawan Group M13      
Gordon, Lawerance 1956 MS An Albitized Aplite-Cataclisite Dike at M12      
Edsall, III, Thomas D. 1955 MS Sands of the Continental Shelf Near Maryland M11      
Meditz, Richard D. 1955 MS Stratigraphy and Micropaleontology of Barnegat City Well M10      
Scrudder, Ronald J. 1955 MS Geology of Cheesequake State Park, New Jersey M9      
Voshinin, Natalie 1955 MS Foraminifera of the Manasquan Formation in New Jersey M8      
Whelan, Jr., Joseph 1954 MS Forminiferial Distribution in the Delaware Bay Area M7      
Nichols, Paul H. 1953 MS Periglacial Ventifacts in New Jersey M6      
Aukland, Merrill F. 1952 MS Geology of Waterloo and Lee Townships, Athens County, Ohio M5      
Jones, Jr., Albert 1952 MS Foraminifera of the Vincetown Formation in New Jersey Sci & Med      
Morris, Robert H. 1952 MS Heavy Mineral Analysis of Sedimentary Rocks of Northern Alaska M4      
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