Seismology People


Vadim Levin  (professor)


Xiaoran Chen (PhD Student )  

Yiran Li (Ms Student)    

Janine Hlavaty (Underrgaduate Research Assistant)

PAST MEMBERS and where they are now
Peter Skryzalin Research assistant, 2015-2017 
Benjamin Dunham (MSc 2017) Environmental Consulting job, NJ
Andrea Servali (Aresty Research Assistant 2014/15) Yale Graduate School
Michael Klaser (Aresty Research Assistant 2013/14) Environmental Consulting, NJ
Ayda Shokoohi Razi PhD 2016, Houston, TX, teaching high school
Alex Nikulin, PhD 2011, Assistant Professor, SUNY-Binghampton 
Guochin (Dino) Huang, Post-Doc 2008-2011, Houston, TX
Benjamin Marshall, undergraduate researcher, 2009-2011, LDEO Seismic Network, field engineer
Helen Janiszewski, undergaduate researcher, 2011-2012, Honors thesis 2012, Columbia University graduate school
Maria Shakhnovich, undergraduate researcher, 2011, software industry, California
Peter Graham, undergraduate researcher, 2005-2006, Golder Associates, NJ