Recent Publications

Aubry, M-P., Berggren, W. A., Dupuis, C., Poorvin, E., Ghaly, H., Ward, D., King, C., Knox, R. O'B., Ouda, K., and Hassan, W.F., (2015)

A geoarcheological Project in the Theban Necropolis, West Bank, Egypt. In P. Kousoulis, P. and N., Lazaridis, Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta, 241, p. 21-44.

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J.A. VanTonger, N.A. Zirakparvar, E.A. Mathez (2016)

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 Robert E. Kopp, Andrew C. Kenp, Klaus Bittermann, Benjamin P. Horton, Jeffrey P. Donnelly, W. Roland Gerhels, Carling C. Hay, Jerry X Mitrovica, Eric D. Morrow, Stefan Rahmstorf (2016)

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Magill, C.R., Ashley, G.M., Domingez-Rodrigo, M., Freeman, K.H. (2016)

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Babila, T.L., Rosenthal, Y., Wright J.W., and K.G. Miller (2016)

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