Recent Publications

The pre-Atlantic Hf isotope evolution of the east Laurentian continental margin: Insights from zircon in basement rocks and glacial tillites from northern New Jersey and southeastern New York.

N. Alex Zirakparvar, Jacob Setera , Edmond Mathez, Jill Vantongeren, Ryanna Fossum (2017)

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Crust-mantle boundary in eastern North America, from the (oldest) craton to the (youngest) rift


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A case for formalizing subseries (subepochs) of the Cenozoic Era.

M.J. Aubry, M-P., Walker, M., Miller, K.G., and Pratt, B.R., (2017)

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Petrological Evidence from Komatiites for an Early Earth Carbon and Water Cycle. Doi: 10.1093/petrology/egw055

 Claude Herzberg (2017)

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Astrochronostratigraphic polarity time scale (APTS) for the Late Triassic and Early Jurassic from continental sediments and correlation with standard marine stages.

 Dennis V. Kent, Paul E. Olsenb, Giovanni Muttoni (2017)

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