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Department News

Congratulations to Ken Miller and Dennis Kent

...who have been awarded a 3-year National Science Foundation continuation grant for the Core Repository: OCE-1154379: Renewal of Curation of ODP Legs 150X and 174AX cores: The Rutgers Core Repository.

Robert Kopp receives 2012 William Gilbert Medal !

The American Geophysical Union established the William Gilbert Award in 2003 to recognize "outstanding and unselfish work in magnetism of Earth materials and of the Earth and planets, including the whole range of research activities in which GP members are engaged". The Glbert Award is given for excellence in at least one of the following categories: scientific rigor, originality, and impact; leadership and service to Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism research community; development of new cross-disciplinary research areas and methods. The award was presented at the December 2012, Fall AGU Meeting held in San Francisco.

 From Richard J. Blakely, AGU Section President, Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism Sectiion

“On behalf of the Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism Section Fellows and Awards Committee, it is my pleasure to announce Robert Kopp as recipient of the 2012 William Gilbert Award. Robert is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Rutgers University, and Associate Director of Rutgers Energy Institute. As summarized by his nominator, Joe Kirschvink, ‘Bob Kopp has made major discoveries relevant to rock and mineral magnetism, and has strengthened the analytical and experimental infrastructure of the entire field.’

In even years, the Gilbert Award is reserved for young scientists, either less than 36 years of age or less than 5 years from PhD graduation. The Gilbert Award recognizes excellence in scientific rigor, originality, and impact; leadership and service to the GP research community; and development of cross-disciplinary research areas and methods. Congratulations, Bob!”

By convention the award is given to a junior researcher in even numbered years. Junior researchers must be either less than 36 years old on December 31st of that year, or less than 5 years from PhD graduation on that same date.

Past awardees include Joseph L. Kirschvink (2011), Sabine Stanley (2010), Dennis Kent (2009), France Lagroix (2008), Robert S. Coe (2007), Richard Harrison (2006), Jim Channell (2005),  Andy Jackson (2004), Subir Bannerjee (2003).

For mor einformation... 

Congratulations Bob !

Research Spotlight: The Geometry of Evolution

Dr. George McGhee discusses the concept of adaptive landscape in evolution as well as a spatial approach to natural selection. Click to watch the video..

Congratulations to Ken Miller, Jim Wright, Jim Browning, and Yair Rosenthal...

...who have been awarded a 1-year National Science Foundation grant of $75k in support of their research on "Pliocene peak sea level and warmth: Integration of a Virginia corehole array and deep-sea isotope and trace metal records". 

EPS Course "Natural Resources and the Global Economy" for Non-Majors Highlighted in Rutgers Today

Rutgers students got a first-hand look at how geology works in the real world - from fossils to toothpaste and kitty litter - in a course designed for non science majors.

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