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Department News

jillEPS welcomes Dr. Jill VanTongeren, as the department's newest faculty member!  Jill's office is not ready, her lab is not ready, but we are! And we are glad to have her on board.  Jill comes to us following a two year prestigious Bateman Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Geology and Geophysics at Yale University.  Jill received her Ph.D. with distinction in 2011 in Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. She also received her M.A. (2007) and M. Phil (2010) at Columbia, and a B.S. with high honors in Geological Sciences in 2004 from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Jill’s research centers on the geochemical and thermal evolution of large magma chambers, and has primarily focused on the Upper Zone of the Bushveld Complex of South Africa.  The Bushveld Complex is the world’s largest layered mafic intrusion and is one of the world’s largest sources of precious metals.  The Upper Zone is thought to represent the final pulse of magma into the Bushveld, and is ideal for investigating the effects of heat loss and extreme differentiation of large magma bodies. 

Jill joins the department's Petrology and Geochemistry group, and will be spending this Fall getting settled in, her lab is currently being built.  We look forward to her adding new research directions and opportunities for our students!

How about joining Jill and these children on a field trip to South Africa?!
VanTongeren wchilderen here to connect with the Rutger's team !
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If you haven't noticed, we have a new department front office Rm 253 and business offices Rm 250A&B. We also have a couple of new and and a couple of returning smiling faces ! If you have not done so, please stop by and poke your head in and check us out. Say hello to Danielle, Jovani, Tonya and Jason !

ParentiPlease welcome Danielle Parenti who joined us in July as EPS' Principal Secretary.

Danielle brings to us strong interpersonal and organizational skills which are already being shown to be a great asset to the EPS Business Office, faculty, staff and students alike. Danielle was previously employed by Middlesex High School and Raritan Valley Community College. We are delighted that Danielle decided to join us and we welcome her to our EPS family!

Reaves3Although known by all, please say hello again to Jovani Reaves, who has helped all of us over the past 10 years, with matters big and small.

We are delighted that Jovani has been promoted to EPS’ Accounting Specialist and will be working with you on grants, expenses, personnel issues to name a few. One thing new, is that you may see Jovani's door closed...not that she no longer likes us, but her new role in the department has got her doing a lot of number crunching ! Danielle will be assisting in handling a lot of the day to day activities that used to have Jovani running in circles !

RufusIf you have not met her yet, please also welcome Tonya Rufus who joined us in March as the new EPS’ Business Manager.

Tonya holds an MS and an MBA, and came to us most recently from SEBS Accounting Office, prior to that as a Senior Financial Analyst at Dow Jones in Princeton and an Associate Financial Advisor at Pricewaterhouse Coooers Lybrand in Parsippany. In her short tenure with us, she has helped to transition and set up our business office following our no fault divorce from Chemistry !

jppappasAlso continuing with us, please say hello to Jason Pappas, who has been with us for the past 2 years as our one and only IT GUY (aka SAS IT Technician), and helped every single one of us solving problems that baffled those of us even with fancy PhDs. But since we have to share Jason with other departments in SAS, let’s try to make it easy by submitting work orders ( so he can help us from wherever he is whenever he can. EPS has never had a decently staffed office like this, with such competent officers! We are thrilled and grateful to have such a strong support for our daily operations. We look forward to working with Danielle, Jovani, Tonya and Jason to make the best of what our department and Rutgers can offer at a time when the Earth Science has never been more important.



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A new book by Marie Pierre Aubry just out !

Cenozoic coccolithophores: Braarudosphaerales 

New York: Micropaleontology Press. Atlas of Micropaleontology series, 336 pp.

Congratulations Marie !

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