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JulianeJuliane is a NASA Early Career Fellow and joins us from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City after spending 3 years there as a Research Scientist and prior to that, 2 years in the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston

Huapei graduation

loc-map-no-captionScientists from Rutgers and the University of Texas at Austin propose to examine the geologic record of past sea-level changes and their effects on shoreline resilience 15-50 miles southeast of Barnegat Inlet.

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Kinney 2014bCongratulations to Sean Kinney who received a Henry Rutgers Scholar Award, and to all 2014 EPS Award recipients! (Click here for a complete list and description of all EPS Student Awards and Recipients). The Henry Rutgers Scholars Award recognizes graduating seniors who have completed outstanding independent research projects leading to a thesis in their major field of study or an interdisciplinary thesis. These awards are offered across the School of Arts and Sciences, representing only the very finest of  student achievement.

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RONA-obit-superJumboof Rutgers Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, an oceanographer who dived into the depths of the world’s seas and surprised his peers by discovering vast mounds spewing hot smoke at the bottom of the icy Atlantic, exciting interests in deep-sea mining and the origins of life on earth, died on Feb. 19 in Plainsboro, N.J. He was 79. He is surivived by his daughter Jessica. Read details in NYTimes article (or download pdf copy here).
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