About EPS

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences is part of Rutgers' New Brunswick, School of Arts and Sciences, situated in Wright Labs adjacent to Chemistry and Physics on Busch Campus. The department consists of 27 Ph.D. Faculty / Staff including shared faculty with the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Environmental Sciences (SEBS) and Anthropology (SAS) located on Cook and Douglass campuses. Major research and instructional emphases are in Paleoceanography / Biogeochemistry, Micropaleontology, Structural Geology/Tectonics, Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis, Igneous Petrology, Geochemistry and Volcanology, Sedimentology and Quaternary Studies, Meteoritics and Geophysics. Graduate (Ph.D./M.S.) and undergraduate (B.S.) degrees in Geological Sciences are offerred. 

We encourage potential students (both graduate and undergraduate) to visit our department and see what we have to offer. 

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