EPS Student Awards, Descriptions & Recipients

The Richard K. Olsson Award,created in2010 in honor of Prof. Richard K. Olsson, Department of Geology faculty member from 1957 to 1997 and Department Chair from 1977 to 1996, in recognition of his dedication to research and graduate mentorship. The Richard K. Olsson Awardis given to an advanced graduate student in recognition of “excellence in research” as determined by overall scholastic achievement and first authored research publication(s). For 2014, two stipends of $1000 are awarded.

2015 - Nicole Abdul, Max Gavrilenko, Natalie Stier
2014 - Chris Vidito and Ayda Shokoohi Razi

2013 - Sara Mana
2012 - Huapei Wang
2011 - Alex Nikulin and Pablo Ruiz
2010 - Morgan Schaller

The Vinton Gwinn Award, created in 1972 in honor of the late Vinton Gwinn (RC’56) an excellent field geologist specializing in Appalachian Geology,is given to a 3rd or 4th year undergraduate student in recognition of independent research and overall scholastic achievement. For 2014, a $1000 research stipend is awarded.  * For awards 1972 to present, see list at end of awards.*

2015 - Michael Farzaneh, Micheal Klaser, Laura Sammon
2014 - Beverly Chiu
2013 - Sean Kinney, Alyssa Karis and Ben Dunham
2012 - Poorna Srinivasan and Julie Criscione
2011 -Helen Janiszewski
2010 - Lisa Seunarine

The EPS Chair Award,
created in 2011, is given to an outstanding student in recognition of scholarship, research and service in Geological Sciences. This award is given to a graduate and/or undergraduate student recognized by the department chair, as having a unique combination of attributes and drive that places them at the forefront of their class.  For 2014, two stipends of $500 each are awarded.

2015 - Beverly Chiu
2014 - Selen Esmeray and Michael Klaser
2013 - Huapei Wang, Julie Criscione
2012 -Helen Janiszewski
2011 - Morgan Schaller

The William & Grace Sparks Graduate Student Research Award,
established by Bill Sparks (RC’65) and his wife Grace, is given to a US graduate student in their 2nd or 3rd year, in recognition of excellence in teaching and mentoring of undergraduate students. For 2014, a $3000 research stipend is awarded.

2015 - Mattathias Needle
2014  - Catherine Beck
2013 - Selen Esmerey, Margo Ferencz and Chris Lombardi
2012 - Linda Martin and Chris Vidito

The George O. Scott Scholarship
was established by family and friends of George O. Scott (RC’52) in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement by an undergraduate major in geological sciences for support of undergraduate student field study. For 2014, a $3000 field stipend is awarded for use toward attending geology summer field camp.

2015 - Beverly Chiu, Laura Sammon, Colleen Walsh
2014 - Michael Klaser
2013 - Ben Dunham and Sean Kinney
2012 - Sean Harrison, Julie Criscione, Alyssa Karis
2011 -Helen Janiszewski
2010 - Roni Baluyot, Alex Fiore, Adam Graham

The Larry and Norma Gordon Award,
established by Larry Gordon (RC’54) and his wife Norma to help support undergraduate field study and defray expenses for participation in geology field camp studies, is awarded based on scholastic achievement in the major and successful acceptance to an accredited field camp. For 2014, a $600 stipend is awarded.

2015 - Andrea Servalli
2014 - Anna Gravina
2013 - Jennnifer Geoghegan
2012 - James Haddad
2011 - Karesse Lockard
2010 - Lee Tisler

The George Rowe Award for Research in Mineralogy
helps support student research in mineralogy and petrology. George Rowe, “Mine Captain” at the Franklin Mine from 1906 until 1934, amassed a 2400 mineral specimen collection, which he donated to Rutgers University. Part of the collection is currently on display in the Geology Museum. For 2014, two stipends of $500 each are given towards the recipient’s research.

2015 - Laura Sammon
2014 - Rodrigo Jordy and Andrea Servali
2013 - Chris Vidito and Jennifer Geoghegan
2012 - Zoltan Vaci
2011 - none awarded
2010 - Chris Vidito

The George Cook Award
is given to an advanced student in recognition of outstanding service to the department. Prof. George H. Cook was State Geologist of New Jersey from 1864 to 1889, and head of Rutgers Geology from 1853 until his death in 1889. For 2014, a stipend of $500 is awarded.

2015  - Michael Klaser
2014 - James (JN) Stanley
2013 - Carlos Carvajal and Corey Hlavati  -
2012 - Billy Pileski, Poorna Srinivasan, Sarah Klinger
2011 - Linda Martin and Jason Pollack

Steven K. Fox Awards
are given to undergraduate Geological Sciences majors based on scholastic achievement and successful acceptance into a geology field school program. Award funds are donated by friends and alumni, in honor and fond memory of Steve Fox, to help offset the cost of summer geology field school.  Steve Fox,

2015 - Jack Bewlay, Connor Franc, Devin Gendron, Andrea Servalli, Ben Sweeney, Katarina Seymour, Matthew Peterson
2014 - Anna Gravina, Lily Serach, Samantha Berger

2013 - Lily Serach, Eric Clementelli, Bill Reilly
2012 - Elizabeth Miller, Carlos Carvajal, Sarah Klingler, Nicholas Tedeschi, and Zoltan Vaci
2011 - Karesse Lockard, Poorna Srinivasan, Rami Abousleiman, Kimberly Scarano, Melissa Boyd, Ruby Tumasz
2010 - Garrick BudrowJustin Locus, Michael Lovich

The EPS Geology Field Camp Travel Award is given to a Geological Sciences major to help offset travel expenses to attend a summer geology field camp, a requirement of the major. For 2014, four $500 stipends are awarded.

2015 - Andonio Dimeglio, Josie Horowitz, Nicole Malerba, Astha Rao
2014 - Stephen Graham, Michael Farzaneh, Matthew Miller, Matthew Smolenski
2013 - Anna Butler, Justin Fagan, Ben Schubert
- Robert Miller, Corie Hlavaty, Peter Lordan, Ben Schubert, and Andrea Waxman
- Jason Pollack, Ali Fayard, William Pilesky, Tsakon Mattheos, David Riehlman

* Recipients of the Vinton Gwinn Award, 1972-present *
2015 - Michael Farzaneh, Micheal Klaser, Laura Sammon
2014 - Beverly Chiu
2013 - Sean Kinney; Alyssa Karis; Benjamin Dunham
2012 - Poorna Srinivasan; Julia Criscione
2011 - Helen Janiszewski
2010 - Lisa Seunarine
2009 - Alexandra Cotet
2008 - Erick F. Geiger
2007 - no award given
2006 - Emily E. Bjonnes
2005 - no award given
2004 - Kathryn Rose; Lauren Neitzke
2003 - Kyle Kingman
2002 - Amber Granger
2001 - no award given
2000 - John C. Hernandez; Samantha Manburg
1999 - Jamie Whitlock
1998 - Robyn Berner; Keith Metzger
1997 - no award given
1996 - Steven Remer; John Metzger
1995 - Scott Young
1994 - no award given
1993 - no award given
1992 - Jeffrey S. Oslick
1991 - Brian Jones
1990 - Christine Troskosky; Craig Padover
1989 - no award given
1988 - no award given
1987 - no award given
1986 - David J. Bell; Andrew N. Brower
1985 - no award given
1984 - Mickey C. Van Fossen
1983 - Carl Varteresian
1982 - Robert A. Koslosky
1981 - Patrick M. Radomsky
1980 - Charles E. Savrda
1979 - no award given
1978 - Kenneth G. Miller
1977 - Steven Boljen
1976 - Michael P. Smith; Matthew Golombek
1975 - Lawrance Zarra
1974 - Anthony Moherek
1973 - Douglas Jones; Stephen Huebner
1972 - Douglas Oliver

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